What Does a Hearing Test Consist Of?

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What Does a Hearing Test Consist Of?
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A number of steps may be involved in a hearing test; we go through them here for you.

Hearing tests are routinely carried out on people of all ages to find out what their level of hearing is and to see if they have any difficulties with their hearing that might require treatment, or assistance, in the form of hearing aids

It may be that as part of a general checkup that your doctor refers you or your children to an audiologist to have a hearing test, but you shouldn’t necessarily worry and think there’s a problem. The doctor may just want an ear specialist to confirm that the person’s hearing is fine and their ears are healthy. 

If you’re having problems hearing certain sounds and are sure you don’t hear the way you used to, it’s highly advisable to have a hearing test as soon as possible. We don’t often realise it, but the structures in our ears that allow us to hear are incredibly delicate and can be negatively affected by a range of situations you find yourself in, some with lasting consequences.

What Can Affect Your Hearing?

In our noisy world, our ears are exposed to hazards all the time, and if the noise level is high enough, it’s possible you may lose some of your hearing for a short while or even permanently. In environments where there’s a high level of noise — such as a busy pub, a football match, out on the street, on a factory floor and many other loud places — hairs lining the inner ear can become damaged and won’t work the way they should. 

These tiny hairs are responsible for transferring sound waves, which are a form of energy, further down the ear, where they’re processed before being sent on to the brain. Even something like loud engine sounds from mowing the lawn with a petrol mower can cause these hairs to flatten and not work correctly, resulting in temporary hearing loss. It’s the same with loud music, whether at a rock or pop concert or playing songs too loud via headphones or earbuds. 

Hearing can also be affected by various infections, especially those caused by viruses, and conditions such as tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can make it hard to hear properly, as can a build-up of earwax. Age is another factor in hearing loss, as the parts of the ear no longer work the way they did and decline with wear and tear. Trauma, such as a hit to the head, is another common reason for hearing loss. These require a hearing test to determine what a person’s hearing is currently and if they need help. 

What Happens During a Hearing Test?

Perhaps you’re having trouble with your hearing and are asking yourself, “What does a hearing test consist of?” Maybe, like many people, you’ve never had one and are wondering what’s involved. When you schedule a hearing test in London with an audiologist like Regain Hearing, you’ll first have a consultation to talk about your hearing and any difficulties you may be having with it. The audiologist will want to know any history you’ve had with your hearing and if a recent event has led to the current trouble you’re having. 

Then it’s on to the testing, and it will start with an ear-pressure test. This is called tympanometry, and it simply checks the acoustics of the middle ear, which is important for the way we hear. This test will pick up any infections or fluid in the ear that could be causing problems with your hearing, possibly including some pain. This is followed by a video examination of your ears, where a small camera is placed into the ear canal and the audiologist, and possibly you too, can get a clear look inside the ears, on a monitor, and see any inflammation or anything else that could be problematic. 

You may also have a word list test so that your audiologist in London can work out how you can improve your hearing of speech. And, of course, you will also have an actual test of your hearing, with various sounds and tones of different frequencies delivered to you, usually by using headphones. 

Afterwards, you’ll have a consultation with your audiologist and they will go through the results with you and suggest any treatments or assistance that may be required. It’s all quick and painless and essential to looking after your hearing.

If you’re having trouble with your hearing, book a hearing loss treatment consultation with the experts at Regain Hearing today.