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Earwax Removal

Discover a specialist earwax removal service in London, Kent and Essex. Regain Hearing uses modern techniques to remove blockages and eliminate earwax-related hearing loss! 

  • Comfortable, pain-free and effective treatments
  • Easy booking and competitively priced services
  • Excellent results from day one! 

Enjoy industry-leading customer service with professional aftercare and follow-up consultations. 

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It’s not just the muffled sound that’s a problem. If left too long, earwax blockages can cause infections, pain and discomfort. Get your ears professionally cleaned at our earwax removal clinic. Book now!

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Remove Earwax Blockages Quickly and Easily with Microsuction or Irrigation in London, Kent and Essex

An earwax blockage can be bothersome and cause sounds to be muffled. Left unchecked, it can also cause ear infections and considerable pain and discomfort. Get your ears professionally cleaned at our earwax removal clinic.
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When Does Earwax Need to Be Removed?

Earwax may not look pretty, but it’s incredibly important for inner-ear health. Packed full of protective and antibacterial properties, earwax supports one of your body’s most useful senses. Normally, earwax makes its way out of ear canals in a consistent manner, but sometimes it becomes trapped and builds up, which can easily result in an earwax blockage. This might be because you have a smaller ear canal or your ear slopes downwards, but in other cases, it’s caused by wearing earphones (especially the in-ear variety) or cleaning your ears with cotton buds, which can cause earwax impaction.

microsuction procedure

Do You Have an Earwax Blockage? 7 Signs You Need Earwax Removal Treatment

How can you tell if you need earwax removal? Physical examination is the best way to tell if you’ve got an earwax blockage, but you can often get a good indicator by looking out for these top warning signs:

  • Muffled sounds and/or partial hearing loss
  • Regular feeling of spatial disorientation 
  • Balance problems and vertigo 
  • Persistent earache 
  • Tinnitus (ringing in your ears)
  • Itchy ears, discharge and strange ear odours
  • Chronic and unexplained coughing

Fortunately, these problems should only be temporary and there’s an easy fix. If caused by an earwax blockage, earwax removal can eliminate these symptoms and improve your quality of life immediately! 

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If you’ve recently been struggling to hear or suffering from earache, or you’ve noticed your hearing has gradually worsened over time, earwax removal can be the first step to better conversations and clearer sound. Take your step with our leading audiologists today, offering local services in London, Kent and Essex.

Our Earwax Removal Services in London, Kent and Essex

Regain Hearing offers two types of earwax removal services. Both have the same effect — they remove blockages safely and improve your inner-ear health. The next step is deciding which one is the best fit for you: 

Earwax Microsuction

Our preferred technique for earwax removal is called microsuction, which uses gentle suction to suck out the buildup of earwax in your ear(s). The treatment is carried out with specialist equipment.

Benefits of Microsuction:

Our microsuction earwax removal treatment is completely safe and pain-free.

Microsuction earwax removal is no-mess, no-fuss and syringe free.

Microsuction can be carried out by our professionals at one of our clinics or during a  home visit.

Microsuction earwax removal is quick and effective, taking only 30 minutes.

Microsuction procedure with Lindsey Stride
Microsuction Equipment

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If you’ve recently been struggling to hear, earache has been giving you grief or you’ve noticed your hearing has gradually worsened over time, a hearing test can be the first step to better conversations and clear sound. Take your first step with the leading audiologists in London and Kent today.

Earwax Irrigation

Earwax irrigation is when water is flushed through your ear to wash out earwax blockages. While microsuction is considered a more gentle procedure, irrigation is still very safe, and in some cases may be a more effective method of wax removal. This is particularly true for long-term or stubborn earwax blockages. Sometimes, foreign objects can enter the ear and cause damage to the delicate ear canal. In these cases, removing the material as quickly as possible is paramount, so we might recommend irrigation to quickly dislodge the material. 

If our audiologists think irrigation is a better option for you, we’ll explain why before the treatment. You always have complete control over your earwax removal treatment,  We may recommend both methods are used to remove your wax, depending on the circumstances. This would typically start with microsuction and finish with irrigation for a fresh clean of the canal and eardrum.

What Else Is Included? 

Both our earwax removal treatments come complete with a full audiologist consultation, including a video otoscopic examination. This examination looks inside of your ears to determine overall health. We’ll do this both before and after the earwax removal treatment. We can also offer a free hearing test, as it’s a good idea to get your hearing tested once your ears are clean.

Earwax Removal Aftercare

Many of our patients are worried about repeat earwax blockages. With our free aftercare service, you’ll be offered a complimentary six-monthly checkup service, where we’ll perform a video otoscopy to evaluate your inner-ear health. Everyone’s ears are different and you may actually need your earwax removed every six months or so. With our follow-up consultation service, you’ll be given our calculation of how often you require wax removal.

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Chosen your preferred method of earwax removal, or do you have questions about each treatment? Get in touch with our specialist private ear clinic today to discuss your options with our expert team of audiologists or to schedule your earwax removal.