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Phonak Paradise pushes boundaries. That’s just a fact. It uses an optional breakout streamer called Roger (way more inspiring than perhaps the name suggests), which acts like a kind of audio spy on reconnaissance — an extension of sound, providing clarity, where no hearing aid has provided clarity before.

It unapologetically boasts an unfair advantage in this clever piece of NASA-esque tech, as using Phonak Paradise hearing aids alongside Roger gives the listener complete control of speech recognition, even from across the room, out of sight.

Breakout Technology

As audiologists, we really cannot over-emphasise the impact a hearing system such as this can have — from pediatric implementation in a noisy classroom to ultra-important boardroom meetings, wedding receptions, dance classes, audio dictation and environments you never thought it possible to converse in.

Imagine being able to hear your partner’s conversation whether you’re in a car, shop, bus, cafe, pub, train, restaurant or other setting — and better than before you had hearing loss. Sounds impossible. And we would have agreed with you, except we’ve witnessed this ourselves through many clients who are very happy bunnies indeed. Of course everything has a catch.

Active Remote Accessory

But this catch is perfectly acceptable to significant numbers of those suffering with various types of hearing loss. The intriguing Roger device in question, through which all this is possible, is a neat, circular accessory that unobtrusively attaches to your partner, or sits wherever you’d like it to expertly relay the conversation directly to your ears, as you recline attentively, or wander around, carefree. It may not be for everyone, but for those who appreciate it, they would give their right arm for it.

Rechargeable Everything

There are no batteries. Just to reiterate: neither the hearing aids nor the Roger accessory require battery changes. Ever. Placement into the chargers switches off the devices and commences charging. Picking them back up automatically turns them back on again. Each charge lasts 23 hours and only takes three hours to charge.

As a ridiculously useful bonus feature, the Roger charger also doubles as a TV streamer or radio/hi fi/computer etc, as you can connect it to almost anything. Then you can walk about whilst receiving the sound wirelessly, directly through your hearing aids.

Bluetooth Surprise

Phonak Paradise hearing aids and Roger accessory can connect via Bluetooth to any device. Almost every other manufacturer does not have this capability. This is due to the products having four types of Bluetooth built-in, which is impressive to the point of disbelief. Most hearing aids have only two types. So there’s no discrimination relating to your mobile phone of choice or tablet device. You can even connect directly to a smart TV, if you have one, or an old iPod, for example.

myPhonak App
The phonak app is a fantastic control to have over your hearing aids. It also gives great feedback on the status of the aids.

Remote Control
Adjust and control volume and frequencies of Phonak Paradise hearing aids
Select programs for defined listening situations
Create preferred settings for specific listening situations

My Hearing Aids
Status information of the connected hearing aids and hearing aid accessories
Battery state of charge
Wearing-time statistics
Real-time hearing aid adjustment over distance in real environment (restaurants, meetings, work and school)

Hearing Diary
Rate your experience
Overview on hearing aid usage
Share your experience and feedback with your hearing care professional to optimize your hearing

Remote Support
Convenient remote video support from your hearing care professional

Phonak CROS

These guys invented this tech.

Imagine only having one working ear. Maybe you don’t need to imagine, as this is life in your shoes. Now imagine having the sound restored on the side with no hearing, using a clever little work-around.

Phonak came up with a way to combat single-sided hearing loss back in 2012, such is their innovation. It did just as advertised, and amazed clients and audiologists alike. The only thing that had previously come close involved wires and wearing an Alice-band over your head at all times. Step in Phonak, step out wires. Put on this little device and open up the deaf side. It works by transferring sound to a receiver on the better side. The receiver can also work as a hearing aid, to provide welcome added clarity to this ear, if desired. Rechargeable and battery versions available.

Sound Excellence

As you may expect from the Swiss, the sound quality of Phonak Marvel hearing aids is divine, regardless of whether you choose Roger accessory or not. Noise reduction is in-built and is really for the type of wearer who would rather not have to think about what the hearing aids are doing. Some clients don’t always have the desire to get involved in tailoring the sound in detail to suit their loss. They’d rather just have us do it, knowing we can probably put things right if necessary.

Did we mention all this is Swiss design, research and development? For some reason, this is incredibly satisfying.

Phonak transport us to paradise!