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SIGNIA XPERIENCE RANGE — Styletto X — Silk X — Pure Charge&Go — Pure 312 X.

Can you imagine owning a pair of hearing aids that let you experience the same crystal-clear level of hearing regardless of where you go? The game-changing Signia Xperience hearing aids incorporate the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors into their products and offer a way to do just that, to stay fully involved in life.

Pure Charge and Go AX

Pure Charge &Go X

Most powerful, controlled sound available, with every feature the modern hearing aid wearer, can possibly demand. Never be lost in a conversation again — just be lost in conversation.

Acoustic-motion sensors track speech and keep you locked into discussions, fully involved in flowing exchanges. Highly adaptable, these devices can be skillfully programmed and finely tuned to each individual. Over time, they even learn your environments for greater clarity.

Styletto X

More than just a hearing aid, these iconic, stylish hearing aids have won awards for their sophistication and sound.

It’s refreshing to see such innovation in this award-winning product, which flies in the face of outdated perceptions regarding hearing aids and their design. Control them with a bespoke app and stream content into your ears.

Silk X

These are truly unique products within the hearing aid marketplace. One of the smallest devices available, these hearing aids are highly adaptable to each ear. They are expertly tailored, forming to match the exact contours of the canals with soft silicone sleeves. No one will see a thing.

The Silk X are positioned perfectly in the ears to pick up sounds naturally gathered by the outer ears. This makes for a familiar experience when wearing headphones, or holding a phone to the ear.

Pure 312 X

Just like their Charge&Go lithium-ion powered siblings, the Pure 312 X continuously analyses the listening environments in stunning detail to deliver sound precisely tailored to each wearer.

Enjoy the freedom of traditional battery-powered aids, with products that are not tethered to any charging unit and deliver instant power without having to wait. For some, a familiar option as a welcome alternative.

Law of Motion

Motion is part of your daily life, whilst you indulge in conversations along the way. With either the revolutionary Signia Xperience-powered hearing aids, you can move around to your heart’s content and hear everything and everyone important to you in fantastic HD sound quality. Wherever you go. They understand your personal hearing environment in unfathomable detail to deliver sound precisely tailored to you. This gives the wearer newfound confidence to be an active part of every conversation in every environment.

Speech Tracking

A particularly challenging area that hearing aids wearers can often struggle with is when moving around. For example, when jogging, running, cycling or playing sports, conversation, however brief is easily lost. Even walking along in tricky conditions can prove frustrating when trying to pick out conversation. These fleeting moments are sometimes crucial for following instruction, or simple spacial awareness. Signia appear unmatched in this area, as long as client and audiologist work together effectively. They do this by employing speech-tracking at an incredibly fast rate. The stunningly quick processing chip is the brains behind it and performs impressively well, even when put through rigorous testing. It’s maybe no surprise that this is German technical design at its finest.

Signia have phenomenal wind-noise reduction as well. Clearly, this provides another string to their bow when extracting speech from anything and everything else competing with it. Generally, the closest person to you will be given preference, but this can be overridden if necessary, which brings us on to a feature unique to Signia.

Controlled Focus

This sounds like some kind of a camera feature, doesn’t it? It’s nothing of the sort, thankfully, and however gimmicky it may sound, my goodness, this is something to behold.

You have the ability to point the hearing aids wherever you want to focus on speech. This could be to your left, right, front or back. With one simple touch, you can choose where you want the sound to come from. All other sounds are turned down. You can even “blinker” the sound so that you almost create a narrow beam in front of you, wherever you point your head.

Admittedly, this is only useful on occasion, but typically, our clients have found it invaluable when experiencing this. Think of a busy pub or restaurant when you’d really appreciate hearing the person in front of you. If you could effectively zoom in on them and reduce outside sound, the conversation would suddenly become so much easier. Imagine trying to have a conversation in a vehicle, either as driver or passenger, and finding it frustrating to have to keep turning your head.

Having the option to focus hard left or hard right could really help the conversation, and your neck. On rare occasions, it’s useful to be able to focus on people directly behind you. Just picture trying to hear somebody talking to you from the back seat of a car, or walking single file with them behind you. A quick tap would suddenly open up their speech and have you breathing a sigh of relief. Bear in mind that no other hearing aids offer this functionality.

Signia CROS X Aids

One of the most impactful products on the market has to be the Signia CROS X range. It’s specifically for single-sided hearing loss, or SSHL, and has an almost magical ability to re-engage people who have a non-working ear with hearing on that side.

This sounds too good to be true, but with the wonders of modern science, a pseudo-stereo effect is created. We achieve this by placing a Signia CROS X Aid on the deaf side and activating it. Cleverly, it then detects this previously unattainable sound and transfers it to a corresponding hearing aid on the better side, opening up a sonic landscape that gives back the directionality of hearing to the wearer.

Even though it’s merely a replication of true stereo, clients genuinely feel like they can hear again from the non-hearing side and, trick or not, they feel like they have been handed a lifeline. It comes battery-powered (CROS Silk X; CROS Pure 312 X) or lithium-ion rechargeable (CROS Pure Charge &Go X). The Pure versions also allow for simultaneous Bluetooth streaming from your smartphone and TV.

CROS Pure Charge &Go X

CROS Pure 312 X


Easily Recharged and Fully Connected

Pure Charge&Go X and the Styletto X hearing aids can be charged fully while you sleep, so that they’re always ready to go when you are. Thanks to the hearing aids’ clever little charger, you never have to worry about changing batteries again. It delivers a full day’s ultra-durable hearing performance. There’s even a fast-charging option that gives a quick burst of power to keep you going just when you need it most.

Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream your phone calls, music and TV sound straight to your ears.

The Signia app is a stunning companion to this classy technology, as it can stream content directly to your ears and, in addition, act as a remote control for your hearing aids via your smartphone, to adjust them exactly how you like. It also lets you stay in closer contact with your hearing care professional for support on-the-go, if you do desire.



The Signia app has to be the most comprehensive, clear hearing aid app around. It’s safe to say we’re impressed by it. It gives you everything you need to enjoy your hearing aids to the full, and all tailored to your personal preferences: audio streaming, remote control and remote support. All you need is your smartphone.

It’s also easy to use, and lets you discretely control the volume and other settings, while streaming audio directly into your ears.

With the Signia app, you can stay in touch with your hearing care professional and get support when you need it — even when you can’t visit them personally.


• Hearing program and volume control
• Sound Balance Adjustment
• Continuous monitoring of the hearing aid’s connection and battery status


• Directional hearing

• 360° Spatial Configurator for individual adjustment of directionality.

External Streaming

Connectivity and streaming
• Easy management of audio streaming accessories (e.g. StreamLine TV, StreamLine Mic)
• Volume level control while streaming
• Adaptive streaming volume

Virtual Appointments

• Support from your hearing care professional when you need it.


• Stay in closer contact with your hearing care professional via text message and voice and video call


StreamLine TV
Programmed for superb sound.

The TV sound can be fed directly into Signia hearing aids via the StreamLine TV transmitter. Wearers can even adjust the TV volume individually via the Signia app.

StreamLine Mic
Highest-quality streaming from all Bluetooth devices.

The new StreamLine Mic provides full hands-free audio streaming of phone calls and music with any Bluetooth smartphone. It also works as a remote microphone.

Discreet control.

The ideal solution for anyone who wants discreet, convenient control of their hearing aids without the need for a large remote control or smartphone. Reliable and easy to use, the miniPocket is small enough to carry on a key ring yet powerful enough to control all essential features.