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Our full suite of services has been designed to cover every possible treatment you may require from a hearing clinic. Whether you need a hearing test, earwax removal, or to book in for a hearing aid fitting, we’re ready to help. Book your consultation today and let us know how we can help you regain your hearing.

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Are you ready to enhance your hearing and your quality of life? We are excited to show you the amazing advantages of receiving cutting-edge hearing tests and hearing aids. Don’t let hearing loss hold you back. Get your hands on our specialist hearing clinic audiology guide to tests and treatments, and take charge of your hearing health today!

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Specialist Hearing Clinic in London and Kent

You will always be seen by a private audiologist in London or any of our other specialist hearing clinic locations. We will start by checking your initial ear health before conducting a thorough hearing test. We’ll use state-of-the-art technology to view your ear canals and diagnose your condition. From there, our team of qualified audiologists can advise you of your treatment options and assist you with a range of hearing aids if required.

London-Based Award-Winning Ear Clinic

At our ear clinics in London and Kent, we can help you with earwax removal, tinnitus, hearing loss, and any other problems or concerns you have with your ears or hearing. If you’re struggling to hear clearly and would like a hearing test or want to get rid of that persistent ringing in your ears, we can help. Come and experience the difference that caring audiologists can make in supporting you and finding the most effective treatment.

We offer a comprehensive range of hearing services and groundbreaking tinnitus treatment to help you regain your hearing and enjoy your life to the full. You’ll receive the highest quality of care at our hearing clinics in London and Kent. You are welcome to have an appointment at a Regain Hearing specialist ear clinic, or you can enjoy a visit from a qualified audiologist in the comfort of your own home.

Earwax Removal

Earwax may seem “yucky”, but it is essential for healthy ears. It lubricates your ears to stop them from feeling dry and itchy and kills harmful bacteria, keeping them clean. But earwax buildup can cause hearing loss and muffled sounds. Enjoy clean ears and clear sound with our safe, gentle microsuction and syringing wax removal services.

Advanced Hearing Tests

Standard hearing tests involve inspecting your ears and presenting sounds through headphones to measure the severity of your hearing loss. Our hearing tests are different. We go the extra mile to develop a personalised understanding of your hearing needs, including critical real ear measurements (REMs) and word list tests. We can even provide sound demonstrations on the day to give you the whole listening experience.

Ground Breaking Tinnitus Treatment

At Regain Hearing, we’ve pioneered effective tinnitus treatment, which can reduce and even eliminate the tormenting ringing, buzzing or hissing sounds caused by tinnitus. We carefully evaluate your tinnitus symptoms at our specialist hearing clinic or in your own home before beginning treatments. 

This careful evaluation enables us to create a treatment plan specifically for you. Many of our patients have noticed a reduction in tinnitus symptoms, and in other circumstances, these revolutionary treatments have completely eliminated distressing tinnitus noise.

Private Audiologist Home Appointments

If you or a loved one is housebound, or our clinics aren’t close to you, we offer an At Home Hearing service. You’ll receive the same level of treatment and care from our private audiologists in London and Kent. We’ll bring our state-of-the-art equipment directly to you to conduct your hearing test, tinnitus assessment and treatment, remove earwax, or fit your hearing aids or customised hearing protection.

Let Us Resolve Your Hearing Problems

Hearing problems can impact your quality of life, but fortunately, treatment options can improve hearing significantly. Modern hearing aids do more than just amplify sound; they are tiny computers that treat hearing loss by stimulating the auditory cortex. This dramatically slows down hearing deterioration and can help improve cognitive function.  

Hearing problems are also connected to several other health conditions, and tackling the signs and symptoms of hearing loss early can have various benefits:

  • Improve cognitive function and ward off dementia.
  • Increase your balance and reaction times.
  • Stop your hearing loss symptoms from deteriorating further.
  • Boost energy levels and fight fatigue.
  • Develop more confidence in social situations and at work.

These are all evidence-based claims backed by scientific studies and research. Hearing problems may seem minor now but can have long-lasting consequences if not addressed.

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Specialist Hearing Clinic: Book Your Hearing Test Today

At Regain Hearing, we take the time to test your hearing and diagnose your hearing loss carefully and professionally. We perform this using the most advanced diagnostic tests to ensure we can provide you with the best hearing treatment.
Our experienced audiologists genuinely care. So whether we diagnose an ear wax blockage or recommend changing your current hearing aid, you can rest assured that you’re getting the right advice and treatment.

Does This Happen to You?

  • You’re struggling to hold conversations and always asking people to repeat themselves. 
  • You can’t hear people on the phone well, or music or your TV. 
  • You find it hard to distinguish sounds in noisy environments.

These problems can be distressing, disorientating or embarrassing and impact on your confidence. But the latest, innovative hearing aids provide a wide choice of options with features like Bluetooth to meet your individual needs and lifestyle.

Every private audiologist in London and Kent at each of our Regain Hearing clinics offers industry-leading hearing aid solutions tailored perfectly to your needs. Our range of hearing aids is from reputable manufacturers and offers a wide selection of features. We offer tune-up services for seasoned hearing aid wearers or free trials of brand-new hearing aid models if desired. 

If you’ve had your hearing aid for a while, speak with a caring, private audiologist in London or at another Regain Hearing specialist hearing clinic in the surrounding area about our various trial upgrades.

Private Audiologists in Kent and London

Lee Fletcher
Lee Fletcher

(RHAD), (BSHAA), Ba(Hons)
Company Director, Principal Audiologist

As Company Director and Principal Audiologist at Regain Hearing, Lee Fletcher is no stranger to the hearing aid industry. He has dispensed private hearing aids for over a decade, qualifying in 2005, where he trained at Amplivox Academy in Wilmslow, Cheshire. This is where he also met his future wife and business partner, Lindsay Stride (RHAD), who was enrolled on the same Audiology training course. The rest, as they say, is history.

“Witnessing the transformation of correctly programmed hearing aids is incredibly rewarding.” Lee Fletcher.

Lindsay Fletcher
Lindsay Fletcher (nee Stride)

Company Director & Consultant Audiologist

Lindsay is a Company Director and one of the Principal Consultant Audiologists at Regain Hearing. She qualified with Distinction at Amplivox Academy in Wilmslow, Cheshire, in 2005, where she met her future husband and business partner, Lee Fletcher. Lindsay has a wonderful way with people. Her personality and kind manner shine through when dealing with her patients — this is matched only by her technical ability.

“Supporting people to find the right hearing loss treatment is such an incredible feeling” Lindsay Fletcher.

Book Your 5-Star Rated Hearing Consultation Today

The health of your ears can profoundly impact your quality of life — from your ability to perform at work to your social confidence. If you’re worried that hearing loss, tinnitus or other ear health problems are impacting your lifestyle, it’s time to make a change. Book a consultation at a Regain Hearing specialist hearing clinic, and let us help you get the right ear wax removal service.

Regain Hearing Clinic

Specialist Hearing Clinic: Audiologists in London and Kent

At Regain Hearing, we’re proud to offer every customer a standout, compassionate and caring service. We can sometimes offer same-day appointments, and if you can’t get to a hearing clinic in London or Kent, we provide a Hear at Home service and will come to you. We’re fortunate to be partnered with leading hearing aid manufacturers, such as Oticon, Signia, Phonak, Starkey and more.

Our technical know-how, qualified skills and dedication are second to none — which means you’ll get the attention you deserve. When you first walk into one of our ear clinics in London or Kent, you’ll be met with a warm smile and luxurious surroundings. At our specialist hearing clinics, we’ll offer you a cup of tea or coffee and make you feel comfortable.

We also promise that you’ll never experience sales pressure from us. Even if you don’t need treatment, we like to be as transparent as possible, and we’ll tell you. 

We always offer demonstrations to ensure you get the perfect hearing aid for your needs. Even better, Regain Hearing also provides free lifetime aftercare, so we’ll always be by your side. 

We’ll have an initial chat with you to establish your specific requirements and discuss what we consider the right strategy. During your consultation, one of our skilled audiologists will conduct a thorough check of your eardrum and canal to check if there is a detectable cause of your hearing loss or tinnitus symptoms.

Next, we’ll perform a comprehensive hearing test and recommend your best hearing treatment. Spending the time required to fully support you and understand your concerns, to lending you hearing aids for a holiday or big event, is all part of the Regain Hearing service.

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Can’t find a specialist hearing clinic near you? Find out more about our Hear At Home service.

Specialist Hearing Clinic: Book Your Hearing Test

At Regain Hearing, we take the time to test your hearing and diagnose your hearing loss carefully and professionally. We do this using advanced technology to ensure we can recommend the best hearing treatment for you. Whether we diagnose you with a blocked ear that requires microsuction or recommend changing your current hearing aid so that it’s programmed more effectively, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with our caring and experienced audiologists.

Book a Hearing Consultation Now

At Regain Hearing, we take the time to test your hearing and diagnose your hearing loss carefully and professionally. We do this at an almost forensic level to ensure we can recommend the best hearing treatment for you. You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with our caring and experienced audiologists.