Regain Hearing in Ramsgate is a specialist hearing clinic and leading provider of hearing care. Our team of highly qualified and experienced audiologists are dedicated to delivering the highest level of care to our patients.

We offer a variety of hearing services, including:

We understand that mobility or transportation issues may prevent some patients from visiting our clinic. Therefore, we offer a home hearing care service where our team of qualified audiologists will visit you at home and provide the same high-quality treatment that you would receive at our clinic. As well as hearing tests, we can also arrange ear wax removal treatment and our groundbreaking tinnitus treatment to be completed in your own home.

At Regain Hearing, we are proud of our 4.9-star out of 5 rating on Google Reviews, and we put patient care at the centre of everything we do. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experience at our clinics.



To improve hearing and protect the health of your ears, our experienced audiologists remove ear wax with the most modern microsuction techniques. Our quick, painless, comfortable microsuction ear wax removal procedure is available either at your home or at one of our clinics,


If you are concerned about your hearing, it is imperative to get a hearing test. In order to identify the root cause of hearing loss and deliver the best care, we conduct thorough hearing exams utilising video otoscopy, speech mapping, ear pressure testing, word list tests, and a hearing loss simulator.


In order to help you with selecting the best hearing aids for your unique requirements, we provide demonstrations of our extensive selection. We’ll provide you with guidelines on how to take care of your hearing aids, use them effectively, and benefit from the enhanced hearing they offer you.

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We provide a wide range of hearing aid accessories that are intended to improve your experience of using hearing aids. View our collection of wax guards, sleeves, and hearing domes.

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Do your ears buzz or ring all the time? Tinnitus might be to blame. Our state-of-the-art tinnitus therapy uses a variety of techniques, including sound therapy and hearing aids, to significantly raise your quality of life and lessen the effects of tinnitus.


Our experienced audiologists can help you protect your hearing and stop permanent hearing loss caused by loud noise that may damage your hearing by matching you with custom earplugs and ear protection.

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Regain control of your life and overcome hearing loss with the help of our audiologists at Regain Hearing. Schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled audiologists at our specialist hearing clinic today, and our team will provide you with the expert care and attention you deserve.

At Regain Hearing, our audiologists recognise the significance of precise hearing loss diagnosis in delivering optimal treatment to our patients. We conduct meticulous and professional hearing tests that delve into the details, akin to a forensic examination. Our objective is to gather all the necessary information to recommend the most suitable hearing treatment for your unique requirements.

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Approaching from New Haine Road (A256), turn into Marlowe Way on the roundabout.  Follow Marlowe Way and take the first right.

Parking is free of charge right outside the main building, where you will see the reception area. Just pop in, ask for Regain Hearing, and we’ll lead you through to our clinic.

Ramsgate is a charming seaside town with plenty of activities and attractions. The Ramsgate Tunnels are a must-visit for history buffs, as these tunnels were used as air raid shelters during World War II. Ellington Park is a beautiful park to visit, and the Ramsgate Boating Pool offers a family-friendly venue with a bar, cafe, pizza place, live music, and pedalos for rent during the summer holidays.


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At Regain Hearing, our hearing clinics have received recognition for their outstanding services and are staffed by friendly and approachable audiologists who are committed to addressing your hearing concerns. Whether you are seeking to schedule an appointment or have questions about our services, we are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need.

Yes – we actually have two hearing clinics in Thanet (Broadstairs and Ramsgate) so make sure you review which is best for you before booking!

At Regain Hearing Ramsgate, a hearing test appointment usually lasts between half an hour and an hour. The duration may vary depending on the number and type of tests being conducted, as well as any additional consultation or discussion with our audiologists.

Yes, ear wax removal can improve hearing by removing excessive wax build-up or impaction that may be causing temporary hearing loss or other symptoms. By clearing the ear canal, sound can travel more effectively to the eardrum, resulting in improved hearing.

Microsuction ear wax removal is extremely safe and has very few side effects. Some individuals may experience mild irritation or temporary changes in hearing immediately after the procedure. If you have any concerns or experience discomfort after ear wax removal, our audiologists are available to provide guidance.

Yes, hearing aids can potentially alleviate tinnitus symptoms for some individuals, especially those with hearing loss. By enhancing hearing function, hearing aids can also provide sound therapy or tinnitus masking to alleviate tinnitus symptoms. Our audiologists can help you to find out if hearing aids are a viable option for managing your tinnitus.