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Hearing Loss Treatments & Services

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Struggling to hear
  • Feeling dizzy or disoriented
  • Noise causes you pain or discomfort
  • There is a constant pressure or fullness in your ear

Discover life-changing relief with hearing loss treatments and services from award-winning audiology specialists. At Regain Hearing, we give you back your quality of life.

Book Your Hearing Loss Treatment Consultation Today

Why wait to start your journey to better hearing? Book your appointment with a member of our highly skilled audiologist team. Our specialists will help you find the best possible treatment option for your unique circumstances.

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First-Class Hearing Loss Treatment and Audiology Services in London, Kent and Essex

Is a buildup of earwax causing pain and a feeling of fullness? Has the constant hiss in your ears left you at your wit’s end? Regain the clarity and enjoy sound the way it was meant to be heard.
Book Your Hearing Loss Treatment Consultation Today

Why wait to start your journey to better hearing? Book your appointment with a member of our highly skilled audiologist team. Our specialists will help you find the best possible treatment option for your unique circumstances.

Services in London, Kent & Essex

Same-day Appointments Available

Pioneering & State-of-the-Art Treatments

Free Lifetime Aftercare for All Patients

Our Hearing Loss Treatments & Services

Regain clarity and hears sounds the way they were meant to be heard.

Young or old. Male or female. Olympic athlete or marketing manager. Inner-ear problems can be experienced by anyone. But you don’t have to put up with it! Whatever inner-ear problem you’re suffering from, we’re confident we can find an effective treatment to improve your quality of life, and maybe even eliminate your symptoms for good. Even if you have long-term degenerative hearing problems, we can provide solutions that can help.

At Regain Hearing, our award-winning audiologists are on a mission: to help transform the way you hear sound.

earwax removal

Safely extract earwax causing muffled sounds, hearing loss, pain and discomfort.

Hearing Test

Check for hearing loss, your hearing sensitivity and identify undiagnosed problems.

consultation with the audiologist

Troubled by persistent ringing in your ears? Tinnitus treatment can reduce or remove these sounds.

Hearing test at home

Get hearing loss treatment at home with our state-of-the-art & portable audiology equipment.

hearing aid mannequin

Protect your ears against vocational noise and other lifestyle hearing hazards with custom-fit ear plugs.

hearing aid insertion

Dramatically improve your hearing in minutes with specialist hearing aids. Discreet and highly effective.

Why Choose Our Award-Winning Hearing Loss Treatment & Services?

  • Local Hear at Home Appointments Widely Available Across London, Kent and Essex
  • We’ve Invested in the Best Equipment for Our New and Modern Consultation Suites, Promising Unbeatable Care  
  • Partnered with World-Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers for Guaranteed Quality
  • Rarely Available & Pioneering Tinnitus Treatment Proven to Reduce Symptoms
Practice room at Regain Hearing Clinic in Broadstairs

Where Are We?

Regain Hearing Clinic in Broadstairs
Regain Hearing Broadstairs

Call Us: 01843 210 581
Email Us: info@regainhearing.co.uk

78 High Street, Broadstairs
Kent CT10 1JT

Regain Hearing Clinic in Eltham
Regain Hearing Eltham

Call Us: 0208 859 6630
Email Us: info@regainhearing.co.uk

201 Eltham High Street, Eltham
London SE9 1TS

Regain Hearing Clinic in Northfleet
Regain Hearing Northfleet

Call Us: 0800 028 6763
Email Us: info@regainhearing.co.uk

The Old Rectory, Springhead Road, Northfleet
Kent DA11 8HN

Meet The Regain Hearing Team

…and discover a bit about us.

More About Regain Hearing’s Audiology Services

Interested in our hearing loss and inner-ear treatments but want some more information? Delve a little deeper and learn more about each of our industry-leading services!

Hearing Tests

An accurate hearing test is imperative for diagnosing any problems with your hearing. At Regain Hearing, we use state-of-the-art technology that shows your ear canal in real-time. We perform a series of tests to identify the best ways to improve your hearing and conversations with your loved ones. If you bring a partner, friend or family member with you, we can even show them what your hearing is like through our hearing loss simulator!

Hearing Aids

If you have hearing damage or prolonged hearing loss, a hearing aid can transform your life. This goes beyond being able to turn the television down; with a hearing aid, you’ll enjoy more confidence and be able to contribute to conversations knowing that you’ll clearly hear the person or people you’re talking to. At Regain Hearing, we’ll advise you on the right hearing aid for you based on the results of your hearing tests, demonstrate how hearing aids work and how to use them — and fully fit and configure your chosen hearing aid model.

Tinnitus Treatment

Do you often hear buzzing, hissing, whooshing, humming or ringing noises in your ears? Tinnitus is a common problem, and while it’s rarely a sign of something serious, it can be bothersome, even affecting your sleep or concentration and causing you stress. Unfortunately, like the common cold, there is no cure, but we offer exclusive treatments developed by our leading audiologists that can reduce or even eliminate the tormenting sound.

Hear at Home

If you can’t leave the house or if getting to our practices in Eltham, Northfleet and Broadstairs is difficult for you, you shouldn’t miss out on the best hearing loss treatments. That’s why we offer our Hear at Home service, where our friendly audiologists will come to you to conduct your hearing test, or fit and configure your hearing aids. Our bespoke equipment is portable, allowing us to deliver the same quality service you’d experience if you came to us.

Earwax Removal

Earwax plays a vital role in your ear’s health, but too much of it can clog your ear canal, which can affect the quality of sound you hear and cause discomfort and itchiness. If you think you may have an earwax buildup, it’s important to get it seen to at an ear clinic, as ignoring it could lead to an ear infection.

Ear Plugs

Our ears are highly sensitive, so prolonged exposure to noise can cause long-term hearing damage. Once the damage is done, you can never reverse it. But it’s not always possible to avoid noise, especially if you work in loud environments such as construction sites or factories. We stock custom hearing plugs that fit snugly and are comfortable — perfect for protecting your ears against damage.

  • Swim Moulds
  • Musician’s Earmoulds
  • In Ear Monitors
  • Moulds For Motor Sport
  • Cens Shooters Moulds (Active&Passive)
  • Moulds For Industry

Not Sure Which Of Our Hearing Loss Treatments & Services You Need?

Are you dealing with symptoms of hearing loss or inner-ear discomfort but aren’t sure which of our services is the best option for you? Book for a consultation with our hearing experts today, and we’ll make sure you receive the right kind of care.

Hearing Aid Donations

We at Regain Hearing are always exceedingly grateful for any unused/unwanted hearing aids kindly donated to us. Each and every one we receive is packaged up and sent to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, who clean, check and assess its function. If possible, the majority are restored and if deemed suitable for reuse, they are sent to countries with those in poverty to give thousands the gift of hearing.

Starkey Hearing Foundation are an admirable charity, doing sterling work all over the world. They have provided a multitude of hearing aids to people on glorious hearing missions for many years, flawlessly organised in an established, structured way. You can find out more about them on their website below:


Both Lee and Lindsay Fletcher, directors of Regain Hearing, felt honoured and privileged to be given the opportunity to volunteer on two consecutive Starkey Hearing missions in 2018. The destination was Armenia and they joined a team of twenty other audiologists to change over three thousand men, women and children’s lives during their time there.

The occasion was so prestigious that there was a famous attendee by the name of Sir Elton John!

The Starkey mission affected Lee and Lindsay so profoundly that Lee decided to write and record a song about the whole experience. It was made into a video and went down very well in Armenia. You can view this below:


To read more about Lee and Lindsay’s experience, if so inclined, please check out their blog below:


We would be delighted to accept any kind donations of hearing aids that you may have. They definitely go to a good cause! We have provided a drop-in box at our reception desks at our practices for this very purpose. Countless thanks in advance!