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Your hearing and ear health are essential but are often one of the first things you will neglect when you have a busy life or find it difficult to travel. But you shouldn’t ever put up with hearing loss, earwax buildup, tinnitus, or other ear-related issues. 

Whether you’re juggling a hectic work or home life, unable to travel to one of our Regain Hearing clinics in London, Croydon, or Kent, or would simply prefer a hearing test at home, we can bring our at home hearing test service to you. 

Our friendly and highly skilled audiologists will come to you with the most advanced audiology equipment and deliver the same high standard of expertise and care. This ensures that your hearing test and diagnosis, or any other treatment, is equally accurate and effective as performed at any of our hearing clinics.  

Here are just a few more things you might like to know  about a home hearing test visit with one of our compassionate and friendly Regain Hearing audiologists:

  • Our in-depth hearing tests go beyond just looking in your ears and asking you to detect a few sounds played through headphones. Instead, we use advanced diagnostic equipment to conduct a comprehensive test that includes video otoscopy examinations and ear pressure testing. 
  • We take our time and go over word lists to see how we can improve your hearing in the real world. We want to help you enjoy spending time with friends and family without worrying about being able to follow and join in with conversations.
  • Hearing health is more than just arranging hearing tests at home. That is why we have a range of services, including tinnitus treatment, earwax removal, custom hearing protection, and hearing aid fittings, delivered with the highest level of expertise and care in your own home.
  • Along with providing a hearing test, our fully qualified audiologists can offer support. They will create a detailed treatment plan explaining how they will address your hearing loss, tinnitus symptoms, or any other hearing health issues.
  • Professional and compassionate aftercare and follow-up consultations are always a part of our service, whether you come to one of our hearing clinics or have an at home hearing test.
  • We know some people benefit significantly from receiving hearing tests and hearing health treatments in their homes. Regain your quality of hearing today by filling out our quick and easy booking form to arrange a hearing test at home in South East London, Croydon, or Kent.
  • Of course, if you would prefer to come into one of our Regain Hearing clinics in London, Croydon, or Kent — find your nearest branch and book a hearing test, ear wax removal treatment, tinnitus treatment, or customised ear protection fitting with a qualified audiologist today. 

Book Your Hearing Test at Home Appointment Today

Maybe your hearing isn’t what it used to be, or the ringing in your ears makes life unbearable, or you need to clear an annoying earwax blockage. 

Let us bring our professional services and expert care to you. 

Book a home appointment with a private audiologist, who will come to you with the latest technology. Don’t struggle anymore — Our at home hearing test and other services are straightforward to book online, but if you would like to speak with our friendly audiologists, you can also call us at 0800 028 6763.

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Book Your at Home Hearing Test Consultation Today

Whether your hearing isn’t what it used to be, the ringing in your ears is making life unbearable or you need to clear an annoying earwax blockage, book a hearing test with our audiology experts, and they will come to you with our Hear at Home service. Book now!

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Why Use Our at Home Hearing Test Service?

From health limitations to a lack of transport, there are many reasons you might not be able to leave your house and travel to our practices in Eltham, Broadstairs, Maidstone, Northfleet, Chatham, Croydon, Ramsgate and Whitstable. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on caring and expert hearing tests and treatments.

Our audiologists understand that you may feel nervous or have concerns and will never rush a hearing test at home visit. We hope to build long-term relationships with every client, making our at home hearing test appointment feel more like an old friend visiting. 

With Regain Hearing’s at home hearing test service, one of our friendly audiologists will come to you to conduct a hearing test, remove troublesome earwax blockages, fit and configure your hearing aids, or provide any other hearing health service you require. 

Our bespoke computerised equipment allows us to deliver the same excellent quality of service and accurate diagnosis with the personal attention and care you would experience in our Regain Hearing clinics.

Exceptional Care from Qualified Private Audiologists

At Regain Hearing, our team of qualified and experienced audiologists is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care and genuine concern for your well-being. We believe everyone should be able to access hearing care, and our audiologists will bring their knowledge and the latest equipment to your home. 

You will be treated as an individual, and your concerns will be listened to before we begin any tests. Our audiologists are friendly and take their time to perform the most advanced hearing tests and treatments.

Schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists, and we’ll identify what’s behind your hearing loss, tinnitus symptoms, or other type of discomfort in your ears. You can trust that our qualified and experienced audiologists will always succeed in providing you with the most effective care possible.

Five Signs that You Need a Hearing Test or Earwax Removal

  1. You struggle to follow conversations when you are in a noisy environment.
  2. You find it difficult to hear certain words and have to ask for them to be repeated.
  3. You need to increase the volume of your TV, radio, or audio equipment.
  4. Sounds seem muffled and distorted.
  5. You can’t hear traffic noise or approaching vehicles while walking outside.

Who Can Use the at Home Hearing Test Service?

In a word, anyone who needs the expert care of a qualified and experienced audiologist! Our at home hearing test appointments are perfect for when:

  • You or your loved one is housebound or has a disability that makes travelling to one of our clinics difficult.
  • You would prefer to arrange a hearing test at home for an elderly relative.
  • You are unable to or choose not to drive.
  • Your busy schedule makes it stressful for you to find the time to travel to one of our Regain Hearing clinics in London or Kent.
  • You’d prefer to benefit from expert hearing health care and the most advanced tests and treatments without the hassle of leaving your home.

Our caring team of specialist audiologists has been providing hearing tests, tinnitus treatment, fitting hearing aids and earwax removal in Kent and London homes for over a decade.

We can arrange a hearing test at home appointment or any of our other expert hearing health services if you live in Kent, London, or Croydon, covering everywhere from Bromley to Broadstairs, including Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, and Canterbury.

Hearing test at home

How Our at Home Hearing Service Works

From booking an appointment to fitting a hearing aid, here’s how our at home hearing test service works.

Step 1

Book your at-home hearing test

You can contact us here
or call us on 0800 028 6763

Step 2

We come to you

Our caring audiologists come to your
house to perform a hearing test and
any other tests or treatments you need.

Step 3

We deliver your hearing aids

If required, we will bring your new hearing aids,
configure them and show you how to use them.

Book a consultation with our understanding and knowledgeable audiology experts, and let us diagnose the cause of your hearing loss, ringing in your ears, ear pain or discomfort. You can be confident that a Regain Hearing audiologist will always provide you with the support you need and the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

Private Audiologist Consultations: What Our Patients Say

Do these testimonials sound familiar to you? If you would like to seek some advice, feel free to contact our caring audiology team today for a FREE consultation.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to send a review for you all. Lee came to see my sister Tracey at home last Wednesday. Lee always visits, the lovely admin team are amazing along with Lee. My sister has Downs Syndrome. She absolutely loves Lee.

Lee I am so glad I found your company online. We tried B****, it was a disaster and there was no understanding and no personal touch. Tracey being at home is just the ticket. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Kerry Ruby

Book Your 5-Star Rated Hearing Consultation Today

The health of your ears can profoundly impact your general health and overall quality of life — from your ability to perform at work to your social confidence. If you’re worried early signs of hearing loss, tinnitus, or other ear health problems are impacting your general wellness or lifestyle, we want to help you.

What Services Can I Receive during a Hearing Test at Home Appointment?

Whether you have an earwax blockage, ringing in your ears, an issue with your hearing aid, or your hearing has worsened recently, and you’re not sure what the problem is, we can offer a range of hearing services at your home. Below are some of the services we will gladly help you with at home:

At Home Hearing Tests

Following the same process we use in our hearing clinics, we perform advanced hearing tests to achieve an accurate diagnosis in your home. Ultimately, this leads to tailored treatment that maintains the health of your ears, gives you clearer hearing, and supports you to live your life how you want to.

We go the extra mile to develop a personalised understanding of your hearing needs — including word list tests to see how we can help you improve how you hear conversations with your friends, loved ones, and colleagues. 

We even provide sound demonstrations to give you the full listening experience and ensure your hearing aids are correctly adjusted to ensure you get the most out of wearing them.

earwax removal procedure

Home Earwax Removal

Although it may not look very nice, earwax is packed full of protective and antibacterial properties, essential to the health of your inner ear. However, sometimes, it can become trapped and build up in the ear canal. 

When you have earwax buildup, it may cause earache, making sounds muffled and causing you to feel disorientated or have problems with your balance. Tinnitus symptoms and earwax buildup are also linked, and many of our patients find relief from tinnitus after earwax removal.

Our expert at home earwax removal service is the safest, fastest, and most pain-free way to eliminate blockages. A member of our caring audiology team will come to your home and use gentle and advanced microsuction earwax removal to remove excess earwax. There’s no mess, no fuss, and it’s completely syringe-free.

Home Hearing Aid Fitting

  • Run into a problem with your hearing aid?
  • Are you concerned about hearing loss?
  • Need fast and accurate advice on your ear health from a qualified audiologist?

Our audiologists will take their time while providing a hearing test at home and fitting you with new hearing aids to ensure you feel confident and comfortable using them. Our hearing test at home service gives you the added benefit of never worrying about the television volume or struggling with phone conversations.

service hearing aid insertion

Video Otoscopy Examination

You can’t get much more portable than an otoscope when it comes to easily transportable equipment. Our Regain Hearing audiologists use the most advanced otoscope available on the market to ensure they can perform an accurate ear examination. 

This is why all of our hearing tests at home incorporate an advanced video otoscopy ear examination. During your examination, our audiologists check the health of your outer and middle ear. 

A video otoscopy examination is critical to quickly identify wax buildup, inflammation, potential infections, or any other hearing health issues early on. You can even see the inside of your ear canal on a screen as one of our caring audiologists talks you through the examination and their diagnosis.

Home Tinnitus Treatment

Are tinnitus symptoms affecting your life? 

Have you been advised that there is no way to improve symptoms of tinnitus?

At Regain Hearing, our expert audiologists don’t believe anyone should have to put up with this distressing condition. We have seen how effective tinnitus treatments change lives.

Now, you can experience our groundbreaking tinnitus treatment from our specialist audiologists in your own home. Get the care and support you deserve and experience immediate relief from tinnitus by booking an appointment today.

tinnitus treatment
Why Ear Protection

Ear Protection

Do you work in a noisy environment or use loud machinery regularly? 

Don’t wait until you notice hearing loss or, even worse, experience a ruptured eardrum from loud noise before investing in ear protection. You have the power to prevent permanent damage and hearing loss. Our qualified audiologists can come to you and provide you with the best custom-made earplugs and hearing protection.

If you would like more information about any hearing health services we can provide, either in our hearing clinics or at your home, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly and caring team is always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and advise you on the best course of action.

Book Your Hear at Home Appointment Today

Are you ready for one of our caring audiologists to come to your home and provide the same excellent hearing services you’d receive at our clinic? 

Contact our specialist private ear clinic today to discuss your options and book your hear at home appointment with our expert team of audiologists

Why Should I Choose Regain Hearing for an at Home Hearing Test?

Regain Hearing audiologists are fully qualified, expert, and caring hearing specialists you can trust and rely upon. Over the past decade, thousands of patients in South East London, Croydon, and Kent have welcomed our compassionate and knowledgeable audiologists into their homes. 

Our patients often tell us that they love the friendly and professional service they receive — and how much they look forward to seeing us. We like to think it’s like having a friend come and visit. You can feel safe having our qualified audiologists visit you or someone you care for at home.

All our audiologists are fully insured, and DBS checked, also known as a Criminal Record Check. Regain Hearing is extremely proud to have been endorsed by Age UK, providing our services to the charity’s housebound and dementia patients. 

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We feel touched when we are trusted by both new and long-term clients to provide our exceptional home visit hearing test service in their homes. Our hearing test at home service and other tests and treatments are available to anyone who can not travel or simply prefers to stay at home — no matter the reason.

All of our audiology consultants are fully trained to the highest possible standard. To ensure they always follow the best and most up-to-date hearing practices, every Regain Hearing audiologist regularly updates their knowledge in a manufacturer-endorsed Continuing Professional Development programme.

Are you ready for our caring audiology team to visit you at home, providing the same excellent hearing services you would receive at our hearing clinics? 

Get in touch with our friendly team and book your at Home Hearing Test in London, Croydon, or Kent with a member of our expert team of qualified audiologists today!

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Book Your at Home Hearing Test Consultation Today

Would you like to arrange ear wax removal, tinnitus treatment, or a hearing test at home? Get in touch with our specialist team of audiologists and book your Hear at Home appointment today.

Home Hearing Test FAQs

We never rush our appointments and will spend as long as you need to answer any questions and help you choose the best style of hearing aids to meet your individual needs and preferences. That said, an at home hearing test generally takes one to two hours.

We can generally arrange to deliver your hearing aids to your home within (X) to (X) days following your at home hearing test visit.

Generally, audiologists in London recommend getting a hearing test every three years. It would be wise to schedule a hearing test sooner if there is a history of hearing impairment in your family, if you have problems understanding conversations or have to increase the volume on devices such as your phone or television.

Consider getting tested more frequently if you work in a loud place, have been subjected to loud noises, or are older than 50. For additional information, see our blog post How Often Should I Have My Hearing Tested?