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Regain Hearing is a leading provider of hearing care. Our team of highly qualified and experienced audiologists is dedicated to delivering our patients the highest level of care.

At our specialist hearing clinic in Whitstable, we are proud of our team of fully trained, dedicated, and knowledgeable audiologists who are committed to giving our patients the best possible care. Regain Hearing audiologists can assist with hearing loss signs or other concerns about your hearing, arrange to test for tinnitus, and provide revolutionary tinnitus treatment. 

At our clinics, you can access various types of hearing products and services, that include:

We are aware that some patients may be unable to visit our clinic due to travel or mobility challenges. As a result, we provide a home hearing care service where a member of our team of accredited audiologists will come to you to offer you the same outstanding care that we would give you at our hearing clinics. Along with hearing tests, we can set up at-home appointments to remove earwax, test for tinnitus, and provide you with our ground-breaking tinnitus treatment. 

Regain Hearing places patient care at the forefront of everything we do, reflected by our 5-star ratings on Google Reviews. Check out Regain Hearing patient reviews of the care and treatment they received at our clinics.


Ear Wax Removal in Whistable

Our skilled audiologists use the most up-to-date microsuction techniques to remove earwax to enhance hearing and safeguard the health of your ears. Whether you want our quick, painless, and simple microsuction earwax removal process done at home or at one of our numerous clinics, you will receive the same advanced treatment.


Hearing Tests in Whitstable

If you are worried about your hearing, it is essential to undergo a hearing test. We conduct extensive hearing tests using video otoscopy, speech mapping, ear pressure testing, word list tests, and a hearing loss simulator to identify the underlying cause of hearing loss and provide the most appropriate treatment.


Hearing Aid Demonstrations

We offer hearing aid demonstrations to assist you in choosing the best hearing aids from our wide variety for your individual requirements. You’ll receive advice on how to properly care for your hearing aids, operate them, and gain the most out of them for significantly improved hearing.

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Hearing Aid Accessories

We supply various hearing aid accessories designed to make using hearing aids more enjoyable. Discover our selection of sleeves, hearing domes, wax guards, and accessories including remote controls, TV streamers, travel chargers and remote microphones for your hearing aids.

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Test for Tinnitus and Customised Treatment

Are your ears ringing or constantly buzzing? Tinnitus could be the source of the problem. Our cutting-edge tinnitus therapy employs several methods, such as hearing aids and sound therapy, to significantly improve your well-being and minimise the tinnitus symptoms.


Custom Ear Protection

By matching you with customised earplugs and ear protection, our trained audiologists can assist in safeguarding your ears from damage and prevent permanent hearing loss caused by loud noise that could harm the way you hear.

Booking a Hearing Consultation at Regain Hearing’s Whitstable Clinic

Our audiologists at Regain Hearing are aware of the value of an accurate hearing loss evaluation in providing the highest standard of care for all our patients. We conduct thorough, expert hearing tests that examine every aspect of the health of your ears and hearing loss signs. We aim to obtain all the knowledge required to suggest the hearing treatment to best meet your individual needs.

With the assistance of our audiologists at Regain Hearing, you can regain control over your health and get relief from your tinnitus symptoms. Make an appointment with one of our highly qualified audiologists for a test for tinnitus at our specialised hearing clinic, and the team will provide you with the professional care and personalised service you need. Our audiologists at Regain Hearing understand the significance of tinnitus in your life and gain great satisfaction in helping you to find solutions for tinnitus symptoms.


The closest parking is available at the Middle Wall Car Park, there is also free parking around Cornwallis Circle Recreation Ground.

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Visit our Whitstable Regain Hearing clinic today to experience an efficient, first-class healthcare service catered to help those with hearing loss. Get in touch today to book an appointment with our award-winning audiologists.

Arrange Your 5-Star Rated Hearing Consultation Today

Our hearing clinics at Regain Hearing have won awards for their exceptional services, and each of them is run by warm, approachable audiologists dedicated to taking care of your hearing problems. We are ready to offer you the assistance and guidance you require, whether you’re looking to schedule a consultation or have enquiries about our products and services.

A hearing test at Regain Hearing Whitstable takes up to two hours for a complete hearing test conducted by our audiologists, which includes tympanometry (pressure testing), speech mapping, word list tests, and an otoscopy examination, showing you an on-screen display of your eardrums and canals.

Yes, eliminating the excessive accumulation of earwax or blockage that could have been the source of temporary hearing loss or other symptoms can improve hearing. Hearing is enhanced by cleaning the ear canal, which allows sound to reach the eardrum faster.

Tinnitus symptoms are the most accurate indication of tinnitus. Our audiologists will check for any other underlying issues that could cause your symptoms to accurately diagnose your condition and provide the most effective tinnitus treatment. 

Yes, especially for those with hearing loss, hearing aids may help some people with their tinnitus symptoms. Hearing aids can offer sound treatment or tinnitus masking to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. If you want to take control of your tinnitus, our audiologists can help you determine whether hearing aids are a good solution.