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What Is an Audiologist, and What Do They Do?

Highly qualified audiologists, like the members of our team, work with people of all ages suffering from hearing loss, afflictions like tinnitus, and even disorders caused by the parts of the ear that assist with balance. Becoming a private audiologist of the calibre you’ll find at our ear clinics requires an exceptional degree of professional competence, great communication skills, empathy and understanding.

Most audiologists attend university to complete a 3-year NHS Practitioner Training Programme (in audiology), a BSc Honours undergraduate qualification that blends academic study with work-based learning. For those with a career in audiology already holding a science degree, take a further 3-year NHS postgraduate course specialising in neurosensory science. Anybody who wishes to practise as a private audiologist has to hold an audiology degree approved by the Health and Care Professions Council.

The Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) is the regulatory body overseeing many health and care professionals, including audiologists. They keep a register of professionals who meet and uphold the rigorous HCPC standards for training, skills, behaviour, and health. They protect the public from malpractice by ensuring professionals who the HCPC regulates have their titles protected by law.

In every Regain Hearing ear clinic located throughout London and Kent, private audiologists meet the HCPC’s exacting standards and often go far beyond. Fully qualified and highly experienced audiologists staff our clinics, and our practice is run by professionals who are leaders in their field, noted for developing innovative new techniques and programmes for dealing with tinnitus and hearing loss.

Aside from the skills to thoroughly assess, diagnose, and treat tinnitus, hearing loss, and other ear-related complaints, in less usual circumstances, our private audiologists can make referrals to other relevant healthcare professionals, such as ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialists.

If you’re interested in careful, professional testing and diagnosis to improve your hearing health, book your consultation today.

Meet Your Local Audiologists

Lee Fletcher
Lee Fletcher

(RHAD), (BSHAA), Ba(Hons)
Company Director, Principal Audiologist

As Company Director and Principal Audiologist at Regain Hearing, Lee Fletcher is no stranger to the hearing aid industry. He has dispensed private hearing aids for over a decade, after qualifying in 2005 following training at Amplivox Academy in Wilmslow, Cheshire. This is also how he met his future wife and business partner, Lindsay Stride (RHAD), who was enrolled in the same Audiology training course.  Lee started his career in Audiology as a field operative, providing a home-visit hearing aid service. He developed the first mobile demonstration unit in the UK, where he was able to show clients instant hearing correction and the benefits of listening to improved speech clarity whilst using a noise simulator. In 2007, Lee was promoted to running the flagship Amplifon hearing aid centre in Maidstone as a Corporate Audiologist (the youngest to achieve this at the time).  Many of Lee’s achievements have been due in part to the degree he studied for prior to his career in Audiology. He obtained a 2:1 Ba (Hons) degree in Creative Music Technology from Sheffield University in 1999. This has given him an intuitive understanding of sonic behaviour when marrying digital sound manipulation with organic sound transference, i.e. the human ear — especially complex when there’s a problem in the auditory pathway. Lee has established highly skilled, self-developed techniques to effectively treat hearing loss and tinnitus. He is a true specialist in his field, with an approachable, down-to-earth manner and a strong sense of professionalism.  He has a natural ability to put clients at ease, has time for people and listens to patients’ needs before addressing their concerns. Lee’s technical ability is second to none, whether correcting a challenging hearing loss or honing in on a particularly troublesome case of tinnitus. When setting up his own business as a private audiologist, London seemed the ideal starting point, and since 2010, Regain Hearing has flourished, with branches opening across the Kent region. Alongside operating the high street practices, Lee has held countless Hearing and Tinnitus Events throughout Essex, Kent and Southeast London. This has resulted in him gaining an exceptionally high level of experience in doing hearing tests and tinnitus consultations, which sets him apart from many other hearing aid dispensers. When not spending time with his wife Lindsay and their four daughters, Lee loves practising and performing with his band, where he plays guitar and sings. Lee has a deep love of music and writes his own songs. Many of our patients will confirm that when on home visits, he can’t resist trying out any musical instruments that his patients may have lying around — it’s not often that you get a song along with your hearing test.

Lindsay Fletcher
Lindsay Fletcher (nee Stride)

Company Director & Consultant Audiologist

Lindsay is a Company Director and one of the Principal Consultant Audiologists at Regain Hearing. She qualified with Distinction at Amplivox Academy in Wilmslow, Cheshire, in 2005 where she also met her future husband and business partner, Lee Fletcher.   Lindsay began her career as an Audiologist for Hearing Health in the West Midlands as a Domiciliary Practitioner specialising in all aspects of hearing correction for patients with mobility problems. She quickly gained popularity and trust with her growing network of patients and was seen as a safe pair of hands, always willing to go the extra mile.  Lindsay’s rapidly expanding knowledge of all hearing aid manufacturers, technology and styles led her to become part of an elite national hearing exhibition team early in her career whilst working at Hearing Health. She was tasked with advising visitors of all ages as to types and causes of hearing loss and providing personalised solutions. She quickly learnt her trade and, when getting the best out of a hearing aid, she has always been unrivalled in her field.  The skill involved in programming digital hearing aids is often overlooked, but it’s crucial to successfully fitting them to patients, something Lindsay recognised early on. Prior to founding Regain Hearing in 2010, Lindsay also worked for the Amplivox Group and as Branch Manager at Amplilfon’s Canterbury practice, for five years.  In 2018, both Lee and Lindsay were selected to be part of Starkey’s UK hearing missionary team that travelled to Armenia with the support of celebrities such as Elton John. During the mission, they fitted hundreds of donated and refurbished hearing aids to impoverished people, and they both agree that it was one of the most moving experiences of their lives. At Regain Hearing, we have collection points for people to donate used and unwanted hearing aids on behalf of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Lindsay has a wonderful way with people. Her personality and kind manner shine through when dealing with her patients, and this is matched by her technical ability. Highly trained in all aspects of Audiology, and with a wealth of experience in treating all manner of hearing loss, tinnitus and ear wax removal, Lindsay takes great care and derives great satisfaction from helping her patients. Lindsay has a busy home life, with four young daughters, four dogs, two cats and Lee. She has a real passion for music and likes to keep fit and active. Lindsay has a strong connection to Spain, where she regularly takes the family to visit her mother, an artist in Torrevieja.

Alisa Jordan (RHAD)

Consultant Audiologist

Christian Tadman (RHAD), BMus, MAud (CCP)

Consultant Audiologist

Christian Tadman is a fully qualified Audiologist with over 11 years experience. Christian graduated with a Master of Audiology Studies at the University of Queensland, gaining commendation for high achievement. Christian’s focus is on evidence-based practice and patient-centred care. He is an adult rehabilitation specialist with experience of working with complex adult cases and has expertise in working across both clinical and technology-driven roles. He is passionate about providing solutions which will improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss. His work in Australia with Australian Hearing and National Hearing Care led to diverse work in a range of clinics and aged-care facilities, sometimes in the outback, and often with a multicultural demographic. Christian has recently worked as a Business Manager and Product Specialist with two leading hearing aid manufacturers. He was responsible for delivering expert training to private and public sector audiologists, empowering them to deliver high quality hearing care using the latest technology. During this time he participated in the Starkey Foundation Mission providing audiological outreach and hearing aids to those in need in Bali, Vanuatu, and Manilla. Christian is also a trained classical musician and has subsequently developed a keen interest in solving hearing problems experienced by musicians. He ardently supports and encourages hearing conservation and is interested in researching current treatments for tinnitus. In his spare time Christian enjoys a healthy lifestyle and is an accomplished runner and swimmer, having completed short and long course triathlons in Australia, notably the Hervey Bay 100 in 30+ degrees of heat!

Chrizza “Izza” Tagulinao, RPm, MclinAud.

Consultant Audiologist

John Joseph (JJ) Reluya, (RCPA, RHAD, RSLP) CSP-PASP, MClinAud

Consultant Audiologist

JJ graduated with Upper Distinction from the University of the Philippines-Manila with a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Pathology in 2013 and finished his 2-year Masters degree in Audiology at the same university in 2016. Following graduation, JJ began working as a consultant audiologist in a private hearing centre where he gained a lot of experience in fitting and programming hearing devices (from nonsurgical hearing devices-analog and digital programmable hearing aids to surgical hearing devices- Bone-Anchored Hearing aids and Cochlear Implants). He worked closely with the aural rehabilitation team and was part of various surgical teams doing inter-operative setting and programming of surgical hearing devices. After almost 2 years of being immersed with different hearing devices and test equipment, he entered the public hospital setting (NHS equivalent) doing full diagnostic work in audiology serving mostly the less fortunate people of the country.  Here he gained a lot of experience in differential diagnosis which furthered his clinical competence in providing the most appropriate management for individuals with hearing, balance and auditory processing disorders. He also became a special lecturer in his former university teaching clinical skills to speech pathology, audiology and 2nd year medical students. He was also able to be part of different studies conducted by ENT residents at the same hospital.  The latter 3 years of his audiology career were highly focused on work in the retail industry sector of an exclusive distributor of a world-renowned hearing aid manufacturer. It is there that he established his skills not only as a clinical audiologist but also a hearing aid specialist. With all his experience combined equally with his strong desire to help patients with hearing concerns, he is highly regarded and appreciated by his patients. In his free time, JJ likes music and singing. He performs at pubs as a sideline and as a form of relaxation. He also likes to play woodwind instruments like flute and clarinet as well as percussion instruments like lyre and drums. JJ loves to run, swim, and cycle and he was part of the triathlon national team of the Philippines back in his teenage years.

Juan “Miguel” Franco, MClinAud

Consultant Audiologist

Justin Hellen
Justin Hellen, (RHAD) (BSHAA) FdSc

Consultant Audiologist

Justin’s background is in Marine Engineering with the Royal Navy, where he rose to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He brings with him structured, organisational skills and a calm, careful manner.  After leaving the forces, Justin joined Regain Hearing and trained for his qualification as a Hearing Care Assistant (HCA) and has since furthered his career by successfully obtaining a degree in Audiology to become a Consultant Audiologist within the company. He feels that as a hearing aid wearer himself, he has a natural empathy with our patients and appreciates how vital it is to ensure their hearing aids and their ears are kept in tip-top condition. Justin gets great satisfaction from helping patients old and new and loves being able to improve the quality of life of those with untreated hearing loss. When not working or studying, Justin has interests in technology, electric vehicles, home improvement, green energy, gardening and walking.

Maxinne Yu, MClinAud

Consultant Audiologist

Maxinne initially aspired to become a doctor and earned a full scholarship to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in Maynila. Despite facing unexpected circumstances that prevented her from pursuing a medical career, she remained undeterred in her pursuit of helping others. Maxinne’s experience working as a marketing assistant in the banking industry for a year provided her with an opportunity to reflect on her true passion. It was then that she discovered her calling in the field of audiology, where she could make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. She completed a Master’s Degree in Audiology from the University of Santo Tomas, where she willingly participated in hearing missions providing free hearing screening and management in partnership with ENTs. As a full-time Audiologist at a private hearing centre, Maxinne worked closely with ENTs, developing her skills in fitting and programming hearing aids. She later moved to one of the most prestigious hospitals in the Philippines, where she further expanded her knowledge in managing patients with a wide range of conditions, including TB, noise exposure, presbycusis, balance, and chronic middle ear pathologies. Maxinne’s compassionate nature and exceptional patient care skills set her apart in her profession. She values the importance of connecting with her patients and engaging in conversations about life in general. She listens to their stories, provides moral support and offers advice. Outside of work, Maxinne treasures spending time with her family and friends.

Regina Marie
Regina Marie San Gabriel, (RHAD) MClinAud

Consultant Audiologist

Holistic health is Regina’s true passion. Helping people with hearing loss to communicate and pursue what they love is her purpose. Regina is a Filipina Audiologist with a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences and a Minor in Health and Development from the Ateneo de Manila University, and a Masters Degree in Clinical Audiology from the University of Santo Tomas. While taking her post-graduate studies, she worked part time as a Research Assistant for Better Hearing Philippines, Inc. (BHPI), a non-government organisation that promotes ear and hearing health all over the Philippines and provides training for secondary and tertiary health workers. She loved volunteering in various hearing aid missions, where free hearing tests and devices were given to Filipinos in need. Regina was also the first audiology student to intern at EyeHear Foundation, Inc., in Bacolod, a city on the northwest coast of Negros Island. She travelled to Bacolod during school holidays to serve paediatric and adult patients, and to train audiometrists. Upon qualifying as an audiologist, Regina took on a double role as a Clinical Audiologist and Senior Programme Assistant for BHPI when the pandemic hit. Despite the transition from face-to-face practices to the online world, she utilised her creativity and resourcefulness by using social media as a tool to advocate for ear and hearing health. Her favourite project with BHPI was recognised by the World Health Organisation at the World Hearing Forum for World Hearing Day 2021, where she led the creation of the first nationwide hearing health directory for the Philippines. She and the team also worked closely with Prof. Andrew Smith of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to launch the Online Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment for Filipinos. Regina also took on other roles as a Virtual Assistant and Consultant Audiologist for Dr. Lilach Saperstein of the All About Audiology Podcast to help parents of deaf/hard-of-hearing children. Before moving to the UK, she joined a private hearing aid clinic in Metro Manila, where she learned the importance of patient-centred care. Regina’s empathy and dedication as an audiologist shines through her work in and out of the clinic. In every appointment, Regina cannot help but share her cheerful demeanour and contagious smile with her patients. She makes the effort to get to know her patients because she believes that a person’s mindset, interests and hobbies make an impact on the management of their hearing loss. Regina’s ability to relate to others is due to her inquisitiveness, which has led her to practise Muay Thai, gymnastics, golf, teach mindfulness and yoga, read about other countries, fashion and spirituality, and learn French and Korean when she’s off work. Her zest for life and emphasis on teamwork and support stem from being a cheerleader since 2008 and an original member of the Philippines’ National Cheerleading Team. Regina’s approach as an audiologist is where her acquired knowledge and experience through the years, science and wellness meet.

Our expert team of private audiologists are ready to help with all your hearing health issues.

Meet The Ear Hygienists

Hamish Cooper

Apprentice Audiologist

Joanne Brett
Joanne Brett

Apprentice Audiologist

Joanne Brett Apprentice Audiologist Joanne joined Regain Hearing in June 2021 as a Trainee HCA. She has been a Health Care professional for many years and came to us from a large high street opticians and hearing care centre. Jo has previously worked and cared for children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum and with additional special needs. She has a friendly, caring, and calm nature and enjoys a nice chat with her patients. Jo and her husband have two teenage children and when she is not working she enjoys walking her three dogs and watching her son’s team play football. Jo is also a qualified reflexologist and complementary therapist.

Nikki Skinley

Apprentice Audiologist

If you’re interested in receiving treatment from caring professionals to improve your hearing health, book your consultation today.

Meet The Practice Team

_MH41614 (2)
Kate Protheroe

Operations Manager

Kate joined Regain Hearing in June 2018 in our then newly opened Broadstairs practice. With a background in estate agency, lettings and property management, Kate’s attention to detail and extensive knowledge of business administration has been invaluable in streamlining our administrative procedures and she was the obvious choice for the role of Operations Manager for our expanding business.  Kate deals with all aspects of administration and marketing for the company. During lockdown, Kate qualified as a 200hr yoga teacher and enjoys teaching a weekly class each Saturday in Broadstairs where she lives with her husband.  Between them, they have five grown-up children and two grandchildren.  Kate enjoys walking, reading and vegan cookery and she and her husband often enjoy trips away visiting family in the Scottish Highlands.

Debbie Hyland
Debbie Hyland

Key Accounts & Bookings Administrator

Debbie is Front of House Coordinator at Regain Hearing’s Eltham practice and has been with the company since mid 2017. She has worked in customer service and aims to provide the best experience for clients, priding herself on going the extra mile. She is a chatty, bubbly member of the team who loves her role and works with all of the audiologists to ensure each patient gets the best experience when they visit Regain Hearing. Debbie is a new mum, which keeps her busy, and she also enjoys going out with friends and spending time with her family.

Angela Pembroke

Practice Co-ordinator Eltham

Chloe Lewis


Lisa O’Neil

Practice Co-ordinator Whitstable

Sara Hussein

Practice Co-ordinator Maidstone

Sara joined Regain Hearing’s Maidstone Practice in October 2022. Having previously worked in the City for many years as a Corporate Receptionist and then as a Senior Travel Consultant when she moved to Kent, Sara prides herself on a lifetime of customer service and hospitality. Nothing is too much trouble for Sara. Helping you feel at ease for your appointment from the moment you step inside, the kettle will be boiling and awaiting your arrival. Sara enjoys getting to know the clients and with her chatty, friendly nature, patients naturally feel relaxed in her presence. Sara has a great passion for food & travel so if she’s not at home trying out a new recipe, or walking her dog, you can be sure she’s planning her next adventure abroad with her camera ready to capture more memories.

Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman

Practice Co-ordinator Broadstairs

Sarah joined Regain Hearing in July 2021. Prior to this, Sarah worked in various eye-health clinics, with experience in the retail and hospitality sector.  Sarah has excellent customer service skills and a naturally kind and patient manner. Sarah is very much a people person and uses her years of experience to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed.  In the past, Sarah has volunteered on a number of projects. These have included creating wildlife ponds with the Wildlife Trust, being Treasurer of Ramsgate St John’s Ambulance and she was one of the founding members of ‘Beach Within Reach’ who provide all of the marine wheelchairs for public use on our beautiful local beaches. Sarah lives locally to our Broadstairs practice with her husband and together they share a passion for the great outdoors, particularly Dartmoor. She is a member of the BTO (British Trust of Ornithology) recording counts of visiting migrating birds and monitoring our native birds. When indoors on really gloomy days, she’ll be crafting, playing her musical instruments or reading anything to do with science.

Private Audiologist vs. Hearing Aid Dispensers

What does an Audiologist do that a Hearing Aid Dispenser doesn’t? It’s a question often asked by people considering seeking assistance with hearing-related issues. Both private audiologists and hearing aid dispensers treat people suffering from hearing loss, and practitioners of both professions must be registered with and regulated by the HCPC. The difference comes in the level of qualification and scope of practice between these two professions, which is distinct.

As you can probably guess, hearing aid dispensers, such as the ones you’ll find in high street pharmacy chains, deal specifically with assessing hearing loss in relation to finding and fitting a hearing aid suitable for addressing the problem. Some liken visiting a hearing aid specialist to going to an optician to get the right glasses.

Broadly speaking, a hearing aid dispenser will be able to help with testing your hearing to broadly determine the extent of hearing loss, advise on which type of hearing aid is best for you, help fit hearing aids and make sure you know how to use and care for them. They will usually work with people who have more straightforward, age-related hearing loss.

Private audiologists can deal with and diagnose a broader range of hearing loss causes and ear health issues, which may require a more complex set of solutions or personalised treatment plan. They usually provide a more in-depth service involving longer, thorough and detailed hearing tests than hearing aid dispensers.

Generally speaking, private audiologists go beyond the remit of hearing aid dispensers in these areas:

  •   Assessing hearing problems (such as tinnitus), hearing loss, and balance problems related to the ear.
  •   Offer more specialised and comprehensive testing than a GP or hearing aid dispenser. This can include tympanometry, video otoscopy, bone conduction tests, pure tone assessment, and speech mapping.
  •   Are qualified to diagnose and treat rarer conditions relating to hearing loss, such as otosclerosis, Ménière’s disease, acoustic neuroma, and hearing damage caused by head injuries.
  •   Offer additional services to mitigate hearing loss, such as working with cochlear implants, and provide psychological therapies for conditions like tinnitus.

If you visit your GP with concerns about your ear health or hearing and they make a specialist referral, it will always be to an audiologist.

Our team of private audiologists and expert practitioners are ready to help with all your hearing health issues.

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