How To Safely Remove Earwax: Top Tips

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How To Safely Remove Earwax: Top Tips

Why Do We Get Earwax?

Earwax is a substance produced by the ear so it can protect and clean itself. Though it gets its name from its waxy texture, earwax is not a wax! Earwax is made up of sebum created by glands in the ear canal mixed with dust, dirt and skin cells. The purpose of earwax is to catch dust and other particles that could cause damage to parts of your inner ear, such as the eardrum or ear canal.

Should We Remove Earwax?

Earwax is there for a reason. We know that, but a build-up of earwax can be a huge problem. Symptoms of earwax build-up can include:

  • Hearing loss
  • Earache or a feeling that your ears are blocked
  • Ringing or buzzing in your ears (tinnitus)
  • Vertigo (feeling dizzy and sick)

If a build-up of wax is causing you problems with your hearing, or any other uncomfortable symptoms, there are safe ways you can remove earwax to help solve the problem. 

Are Cotton Buds Safe for Removing Earwax?

No! Using a cotton bud or something else to get the earwax out yourself can make the problem worse. It can push the wax further into the ear canal and lead to further problems. 

Do not use cotton buds or any other objects like your fingers or nails to remove earwax. This will push it further in and make things worse, possibly leading to complications such as impacted earwax. This, in turn, leads to a more complex removal process. We recommend having your earwax professionally and safely removed to minimise these risks.

How to Safely Remove Earwax

Many people decide to take earwax build-ups into their own hands instead of seeing a specialist, quoting ‘safe’ methods of earwax removal found on the internet. These include olive oil and various other techniques.

But do these “hacks” work? Does olive oil dissolve earwax? Though heating a few drops and then putting it into your ear might soften your earwax — it will not dissolve it. This still leaves you having to use a cotton bud or other object to remove the oil and earwax from your ear, risking damage to the ear canal, amongst other things.

So —  if you’re struggling with your hearing because of an earwax build-up and wondering how to remove earwax safely, we advise you not to use home remedies. Leave it to the professionals and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Book a Safe and Professional Earwax Removal Today With Regain Hearing

Regain Hearing offers a range of services, depending on your needs. We offer two types of earwax removal services: syringing and microsuction. Both remove earwax blockages safely and improve ear health. However, ear syringing comes with more risk of damage to the ear and can be a messy procedure involving shooting warm water directly into the ear. 

Our preferred method is called microsuction. This method uses specialist equipment to create a gentle suction to remove your earwax. It is a treatment with no risks as there is no water needed. 

Stop taking unnecessary risks when it comes to your ear health. If you’re wondering how to remove earwax safely, you should see a specialist. At Regain Hearing we have a dedicated team of qualified audiologists ready to offer you their best service. Contact us today to find out more!