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We fit an extensive range of the best hearing aids in London, Kent & Essex from all of the very best digital hearing aid manufacturers. Our independence allows us to fit the right hearing aid for you, your hearing loss and your needs. You can be assured that this is what we deliver, we are so sure that you will be satisfied that we offer a No Quibble Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee




Unitron Hearing Aids South London

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron are a hearing aid manufacturer with a great history of innovation and a strong focus on people, their employees, their partners and the people with hearing loss that they serve. This focus allows them to deliver outstanding hearing solutions

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Phonak Hearing Aids Kent

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is one of the premium brands in hearing healthcare technology. Their focus is on delivering technology that has a positive impact on the ability to communicate for people with hearing loss. They are committed to helpin people overcome the challenges of hearing loss

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Widex Hearing Aids South London

Widex Hearing Aids 

Widex is the second of the recognised premium brands in hearing healthcare technology. They are famous for their unique sound, so much so that many people who wear Widex hearing aids, will not wear anything else. They are also famous for innovation and outstanding quality.

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The Most Modern Hearing Aids in London, Kent & Essex From The Best Manufacturers 

Starkey Hearing Aids Kent

Starkey Hearing Aids

American reliability, quality and innovation, Starkey is an American hearing aid manufacturer who was founded in 1967 by Bill Austin. Starkey Hearing Technologies takes pride in their American-owned and manufactured heritage and they have been a stalwart of the UK industry for many years

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Resound Hearing Aids South London

ReSound Hearing Aids

Gn Resound are a long established Danish brand that are also famous for innovation. They were also the first manufacturer to bring Made For iPhone hearing aids to the market. The Made For iPhone hearing aid range has generated the type of excitement that we are not used to seeing in our traditional market.

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Oticon Hearing Aids Kent

Oticon Hearing Aids

The Oticon story starts with one man’s passion to help his wife lead a better life, unhindered by her hearing loss. That passion, to empower people in need of hearing support has never left the company. They deliver outstanding hearing aid products that deliver, discretion, high benefit and reliability 

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Hearing Aids

Delivering The Best Solutions

Our process is designed to deliver the best solution for you and then to ensure it continues to help you to re-connect to your life and your loved ones

Your First Appointment
What Are Your Problems
How Can We Deliver Solutions

Full & In-Depth Hearing Test
Delivering Your Solution
The Solution That Will
Change Your Life

Fitted & Verified
Making Sure That Solution
Is Working For You

The Changes You Need
Consistent Aftercare
Making Sure That Solution
Continues To Work For You

Ongoing Maintenance & Care

Our Hearing Aid Consultation

The team at Regain Hearing is dedicated to providing you with expert hearing healthcare advice and outstanding service. We work hard to ensure your consultations with us are pleasant, friendly and non-pressured. We are here to listen to any concerns you may have and together agree a plan to resolve these with (or sometimes without!) the use of hearing aids – we want you to be happy and confident in correcting your hearing.

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We offer hearing tests at your home in Kent, London & South Essex as well as at our Practice. We will perform an in-depth hearing test in order that we have all of the information that we need to get a clear understanding of your hearing loss and the effect it has on your life. We will then give you a hearing aid demonstration, showing you how corrected hearing sounds. We will discuss the range of hearing aids that are suitable for you, explaining why they are. From the demonstration and hearing test an appropriate system (if any) can be chosen. It can then be perfectly tailored to suit your requirements, ensuring the following:

  • The style of aid is agreed
  • • The fitting is both comfortable and precise
  • • Your prescription is accurately matched
  • • The look of the system is cosmetically pleasing
  • • You have considerably improved hearing in the environments identified as troublesome
  • • The chosen products and services meet your budget

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Continuing Care

Comprehensive continuing care and committed customer support are a major focus within the company. In fact our commitment to our customers is what leads to recommendations from existing clients. We believe that it is imperative that each customer not only has contact with us, but receives a face to face service when required – especially in the early stages of wearing hearing aids. We hope that our commitment offers you peace of mind when embarking on this new experience and helps to ease concerns about ongoing service during the rehabilitation period.

All maintenance and assistance with the hearing aids is free of charge, along with any servicing or re-tuning that may be required. There are never call-out costs or consultation charges, meaning that after the initial purchase you can concentrate solely on the steady improvement of your hearing and the recognition of new sounds. Importantly, we give you a choice on the location of the hearing tests. We can arrange the testing to take place at a convenient time within our well-equipped branch, or if preferred, within your home.

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The latest wireless hearing aids connect to your phone and come with apps for full control

Wireless hearing aids offer a whole new way to connect to your world, delivering ease of use for mobile calls and much more. Most of the hearing aid manufacturers have also invested in delivering smartphone apps that give you amazingly deep control of their hearing aids.

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