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A hearing clinic in Medway with a difference…

We know that hearing loss can be debilitating and quite frankly, incredibly inconvenient. You may have a hearing issue if you have to say ‘what?’ or ‘Pardon’ frequently, you’re experiencing a persistent buzzing or ringing noise, and the neighbours complain of a very loud TV. If any of these issues sound familiar, book an appointment with one of our leading audiologists at our specialist hearing clinic in Medway.

Our team of expert audiologists at Regain Hearing Medway are dedicated to providing fast, effective and unbiased care for hearing loss or any of your specific auditory needs. Perhaps you’re struggling with:

  • Tinnitus: A constant ringing in your ears
  • Ear wax blockages: A feeling of fullness and blockage amongst other symptoms
  • General hearing loss: Your hearing may have declined over time or in one ear.
  • Sudden hearing loss: “Hear” today, gone tomorrow?
  • Damage: A ruptured eardrum in need of treatment. 
  • Problems with your current hearing aid: it may be time for a change.

No matter what hearing challenges you’re facing, our clinics are ready and equipped with the latest audiological technology to assist you. We can carry out thorough hearing tests and treatments right here at our Medway hearing clinic. Every one of our locations is not only clean and contemporary but also designed to make you feel welcome the moment you step through the door.

Can’t make it out to us? Book a home hearing test. Our qualified team is on the road in the Medway area. This means we can bring our expert care right to the comfort of your home or your loved one’s home. 

Whether you choose to use our at-home service or visit us at our Medway Clinic branch, you’ll be receiving the very best care. Our thorough and careful approach to audiology has the power to change lives, restore your hearing, boost your confidence, and make everyday tasks easier once again.

Regain Hearing is ranked 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews — see what our patients say about their experience at our Regain Hearing clinic in Chatham.

From Hearing Aids to Earwax Removal In Medway

Our practice provides a range of services to help you achieve the best hearing possible.


Ear Wax Removal in Medway

We use a safe, gentle and most importantly, painless method of removing any blockages and restoring your hearing swiftly and comfortably. Microsuction is our preferred method as we believe it’s the lowest-risk form of ear wax removal. It may not look pretty, but you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your auditory health.

Book your Ear Wax Removal here.


Hearing Tests With a Difference

Hearing tests don’t need to be boring. In fact, you’ll discover a wealth of information about your hearing health. You might even find the experience enjoyable. Our hearing tests consist of video otoscopy, speech mapping, ear pressure testing, word list tests, and a hearing loss simulator. Many of our clients eagerly anticipate their appointments at our Medway hearing clinic, and so do we.

Read more about our hearing tests.

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Have you had tinnitus for more than 3 months? You’ll be surprised at just how much relief from Tinnitus you’ll experience in just one session of our groundbreaking tinnitus-reduction technique. If you’re newer to the world of tinnitus, let’s book a Hearing Assessment first, so we can dive deeper into your symptoms and explore your options.

Book your tinnitus treatment. 

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We aim to improve your hearing aid experience by providing a selection of hearing aid accessories for you to experiment with. We provide hearing domes, sleeves, wax guards, batteries, and general ear care products, all aimed at amplifying your hearing capabilities.


Hearing Aid Demonstrations

We offer hands-on demonstrations of our wide selection of hearing aids, guiding you to find the perfect fit for your unique needs. We’re here to help you get comfortable with using and looking after your hearing aids, and we’ll show you just how they’ll improve your hearing experience.


Too much noise isn’t just annoying—it can actually damage your hearing. Our skilled audiologists are also experts in custom earplug fittings and various ear protection solutions designed to safeguard your ears from excessive noise. Preserve your hearing and prevent permanent hearing loss due to noise damage.

Read more about our custom ear protection.

Book a Hearing Consultation in Medway Today

Our dedicated team of qualified audiologists in Medway is devoted to delivering customised solutions to every patient. We recognise the challenges and frustrations that come with hearing loss and have developed an efficient, unique service designed to simplify the process of receiving the assistance you require. Schedule your consultation with Regain Hearing now, and allow us to help you take control of your hearing health.

Why Choose Regain Hearing Clinic?

Our sole focus is to provide a full range of hearing services designed to help you regain not just your hearing, but your confidence and love of life. You’ll consistently receive the highest quality care at our hearing clinic in Medway.

Here’s why our patients return to us every year:

  • First and foremost, we’re qualified experts in what we do. Our team, rich in experience and enthusiasm, can create a custom care plan just for you, whether in our clinics or at your home for added convenience.
  • You’ll always be a valued client – not just another number. We know that our clients love our personal touches. We’ll take the time to understand your situation and any challenges you face with your hearing health.
  • We value honesty and independence in our practice — if you don’t require any treatment, we’ll be upfront about it.
  • We have a jargon-free approach – whether you’re coming in for ear wax removal in Medway or booking a hearing test, any outcomes will be shared in simple language, avoiding complex terms, to ensure you’re completely informed and understand everything clearly.
  • We don’t have allegiances with just one hearing aid manufacturer so we can provide an unbiased view. We collaborate with top hearing aid brands like Oticon and Starkey, providing hands-on trials to ensure you find the best fit for your hearing needs.
  • With numerous 5-star ratings from our satisfied clients, we take pride in the significant positive impact we’ve made on many lives by restoring their hearing and boosting their day-to-day happiness.
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How To Find Us

You’ll find our Medway hearing clinic in Chatham’s historic dockyard. Getting to the historic dockyard is straightforward, marked by clear signs throughout Chatham’s centre. Our Clinic is a brief walk from the entrance barriers.

  1. Once you arrive at Chatham Dockyard park at the main car park.
  2. Proceed to the security post on your left and inquire about Regain Hearing at the gate.
  3. From this point, The Joiners Shop is just a minute’s walk away, positioned on your right after you pass the accessible parking on your left (where you’re welcome to park if you have a disabled badge, offering convenience).
  4. Step into the reception and alert us of your arrival. We’ll offer you a complimentary tea and biscuit.

Parking Information

There are plenty of free parking spots close to the clinic. If you like, you can park in the main dockyard parking for customers and walk from there. You’ll need to pass by the security building on your left and ask them to let you in.

Affiliate Nearby Attractions

We’re proud to be based in such a fascinating and historic part of Medway. When you come to see us at Regain Hearing Chatham in The Historic Dockyard, why not make the most of your visit? Many of our patients decide to explore the area further. Our hearing assessments and treatments are gentle, leaving you free to enjoy your day. Discover the Dockyard’s amazing attractions like the Victorian Ropery, Copper Rivet distillery, HM Submarine Ocelot, and even the filming locations for “Call the Midwife”! Plus, there’s more to see in Medway, including Rochester Castle and Cathedral, and the beautiful Chatham Historic Dockyard itself.

Chatham-Dockyard Regain Hearing

Our Opening Hours:

Monday 9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Tuesday 9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Wednesday 9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Thursday 9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Friday 9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Saturday CLOSED

Services We Offer at Our Clinic:

Wax removal (microsuction)
Hearing tests
Tinnitus treatment
Hearing aid demonstrations
Hearing aid accessories
Custom ear protection.

And, of course, you’ll enjoy complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits!

At our award-winning hearing clinics, we put patient care at the heart of everything we do. If you are concerned about your hearing or would like to book an appointment with one of our audiologists in Medway, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

Book Your 5-Star Rated Hearing Consultation Today

The quality of your hearing can affect how much you enjoy life, from your ability to perform at work to your confidence in social situations. If you’re worried that hearing loss, tinnitus or other ear-health problems are impacting your lifestyle, then it’s time to make a change. Book a consultation with our audiologists, and let us help you embrace life with optimal hearing.

What Our Patients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Before your hearing test, make sure your ears aren’t blocked with excess wax since it can impact the test’s accuracy. Also, try to stay away from loud sounds like concerts or noisy gatherings for at least 24 hours beforehand. At your appointment, our audiologists will walk you through the test step by step and will be there to address any of your questions.

We’ve written a full article on this here: Do I need a hearing test? Deciding whether you need a hearing test can depend on several factors, including exposure to loud noises, age, and experiencing signs of hearing loss such as difficulty understanding conversations, frequently asking people to repeat themselves, or needing to increase the volume on devices. If you notice any changes in your hearing or experience symptoms like ringing in the ears (tinnitus), it may be advisable to schedule a hearing test.

Yes, we offer same-day appointments. We know that some conditions require fast treatment. It’s always best to contact us directly to check the availability and schedule your visit as soon as possible.

Yes, you are welcome to bring someone with you to your appointment. Having a friend or family member for support can often make the experience more comfortable and reassuring.

This is a common question so we’ve written a full article on this here: Syringing vs MicrosuctionSyringing and microsuction are two distinct methods used for ear wax removal, each with its own approach and set of considerations.

yringing is considered an older technique and involves using a stream of water to flush out the ear wax. This method can be uncomfortable for some and unadvisable for others. There’s also an increased risk of complications, such as infections or eardrum damage, associated with this method.

We recommend microsuction – a modern, safer alternative for ear wax removal. It employs gentle suction to remove the wax, offering a less invasive and more comfortable experience. This method does not involve water, which minimises the risk of infection and makes it suitable for people with eardrum perforations or infections.

You can also find us at our hearing loss clinic in Maidstone or Whitstable. If you’re closer to London, book a hearing test in Gravesend, or Eltham.