Regain Hearing Maidstone

Hearing Tests and Earwax Removal in Biknor

Your nearest Regain Hearing location is in Maidstone

Maidstone is the closest branch at approximately 12 miles if you travel via the M20.  Using Detling Hill is shorter at 10 miles but may take longer. The nearest car park in Maidstone is Fremlin Walk.  The nearest council-provided car park is Medway Street.

Providing microsuction earwax removal, which is a safer way to remove wax than syringing, bespoke hearing tests, tinnitus consultations and custom ear plugs for sleeping, noise protection, musicians in-ear monitors etc. in a well-equipped practice.

If you require any of these services or would just like a general consultation then book your appointment now by clicking on the enquire button below to be taken to our contact form or by calling our freephone number 0800 028 6763 to speak to one of our friendly front of house staff.

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