Regain Hearing Maidstone

Hearing Tests and Earwax Removal in Barming

Your nearest Regain Hearing location is in Maidstone

From the centre of Barming civil parish, Regan Hearing Maidstone practice is approximately 3.1 miles east.  The nearest car park to the branch is Fremlin Walk.  The nearest council car park is Medway Street.

If your ears feel blocked you need earwax removal in Maidstone or you require a hearing test or tinnitus consultation call us on 0800 028 6763 to book an appointment.   We can also be contacted by clicking on the enquire button below. Custom earplugs are also available.

Remember that you can also book a ear wax removal or a hearing test in Medway which is a 30 minute drive from Barming. 

Easily book your hearing consultation or ear wax removal at our Maidstone practice today