Ear Measurement - hearing aids adviceWhat Services Are Available at Your Hearing Aid Centre?

At our hearing practices in South East London and Kent, and from the comfort of your home, with a home visit hearing test, Regain Hearing offers a range of solutions to help you with your hearing aids.

Whether you visit us or we come to you, we can test your hearing to diagnose the cause of your hearing loss or tinnitus. If our experienced audiologists recommend an aid as the solution, we’ll advise you on the right ones for you and show you a suitable range. We can also demonstrate how hearing aids work and, thanks to our partnership with the leading hearing aid manufacturers around the globe, arrange for your chosen hearing aid to be delivered, ready to personalise for a tailored fit.

When it arrives, we can fully fit and configure your hearing aid along with showing you how it works and how to use it. We provide services and procedures not found anywhere else, as we have developed our unique processes in order to tailor the products perfectly to each client.

If you opt for our home visit hearing aid fitting, we can accurately programme your hearing aid according to your environment, so you won’t ever have to struggle with overly amplified ambient sounds or not being able to hear your phone ring.

Lifetime Aftercare

Once you’ve become a patient with Regain Hearing, we’ll look after you for the life of the aids. Whether you need your annual retest, your hearing aid isn’t working as well as it used to and it needs reprogramming or your hearing aid just needs cleaning or servicing, we’re here to help. We will support you to ensure that you’re able to hear everything you should with complete clarity.

Speech Mapping

Now that you’ve got your hearing aids, it’s our job, and passion, to make sure your hearing is the best it can possibly be. Your hearing needs are unique to you, so it’s important that your hearing aid takes that into account. With our speech mapping service, conducted as part of your hearing test, we measure exactly how you hear the amplified sounds and make small adjustments and tweaks that make a big difference — from reducing loud background noises to improving the quality of speech during conversations. All this makes for a hearing experience you can engage in with confidence.

To find out more about our huge range of Hearing Aids please book a consultation now!