Our Hearing Aid Partners

At Regain Hearing, we’re proud to partner with the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, so we can be your go-to hearing aid centre, where we can help fit the very best solution for you. We’re so confident we can fit the right hearing aid to meet your unique needs that we offer a no-quibble, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Below, you will find an overview of leading companies in the vast industry of hearing technology. We use all of them, which is extremely rare in our field, but we find it both a challenge and exciting to offer clients such a unique opportunity to achieve the optimum from their hearing, with an authentic selecting process, based on an unmatched depth of knowledge and experience.

Every manufacturer has their thing — a vision, concept, patent, goal, feature — that makes them different from the rest. For us audiologists, this can present us with a glorious selection of exquisite, delectable options or a real quandary, with a vast swathe of technology, presenting the agony of choice. We’ll find it, though — don’t worry! Your solution is out there. Have a look at the details below and get a glimpse into our world of sound.

Unitron logo - hearing aids

A leading hearing aid manufacturer since it was established in 1964, Unitron has long been at the forefront of innovation, design and customer service. Its award-winning and outstanding hearing solutions are developed by a team of over 100 audiologists and engineers, who develop hearing aids for mild to severe hearing loss. Unitron hearing aids also connect to a wide range of Unitron accessories, allowing you to easily listen to your favourite music and TV shows and stream phone calls directly to your hearing aid.

OTICON TV ADAPTER - Regain Hearing

For over 70 years, Phonak has been designing solutions that help people overcome the challenges of hearing loss by making life as simple as possible. Boasting the latest technology underneath its compact shell, Phonak hearing aids can effortlessly adapt to everyday listening situations, from dining in a restaurant to enjoying a film at home.

Widex logo - Regain Hearing Aids

Recognised as a premium brand in healthcare technology, Widex provides exceptional sound to hearing aid users in over 100 countries around the world. Many love Widex so much that they refuse to use anything else! Designed to adapt to sound to make soft noises crystal clear and loud noises comfortable to the ear, Widex offers a premier hearing experience all the time.

Starkey Logo - Regain Hearing Aids

Starkey’s and Regain Hearing’s missions collide to enrich individuals’ lives by providing the right hearing solution for them. This American hearing aid manufacturer was founded in 1967, and ever since, it’s been constantly innovating, even becoming the first manufacturer to produce fully programmable invisible hearing aids.

ReSound Logo - Hearing Aids

This innovative Danish brand was founded in 1943 and has gone on to create hearing aids that are trusted by audiologists in over 80 countries. Specialising in developing hearing aids suitable for all levels of hearing loss, GN ReSound was the first manufacturer to bring Made for Apple® hearing aids to the market, which brought direct streaming from iPhone and iPad devices and set the bar for other manufacturers in terms of what exciting developments were possible in the hearing aid space.

Oticon Logo - Hearing aids

The Oticon story is a heartwarming one that began with one man’s passion to help his wife lead a better life — one unhindered by her hearing loss. That passion, to empower people in need of hearing support, has never left the company. Oticon develops outstanding hearing aid products that are discreet, reliable and effective.

Signia Logo

Signia and Sivantos Group is a leading manufacturer of hearing aids whose roots go back 140 years. Until January 2015, they were part of Siemens, before becoming an independent company and taking a more exclusive route.

They cite a proud history of entrepreneurship, courage, scientific curiosity and the will to help others, continuously striving to provide revolutionary products and services. One out of every four hearing aids used worldwide originates from their factories.

bernafon logo

Since 1946, Bernafon have worked with the passionate spirit of their founders to develop and market solutions that help people with hearing difficulties. Together with thousands of hearing care professionals in more than 70 countries, they have empowered millions of people to hear and communicate better.

They aspire to make a difference in the world, committed to producing high-performance products, leading technology and outstanding support. Bernafon’s audiologists and product specialists in Switzerland define innovative functionality for hearing aid technology, fitting software, apps and connectivity devices.

Audio Service Logo

Audio Service: service-oriented, driven by innovation, cooperative.

Service orientation, a pioneering spirit and innovative strength — these are the key success factors of the Löhne-based hearing system manufacturer Audio Service. To this day, the company has stayed true to its objective since it was founded in 1977: to help people actively participate in life again with high-quality hearing systems, and thus put a bit of joy back into their lives. Audio Service hearing systems are available exclusively at hearing aid acousticians, hand-picked for excellence in their field.

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