service hearing aid insertionBut How Do Hearing Aids Work?

In recent years, hearing technology has rapidly advanced, allowing manufacturers to make the best hearing aids smaller and more discreet, if not imperceptible, like the Invisible-In-Canal type. There’s a range of different types, from those that sit completely in the ear canal to aids that have noise-reduction features that minimise background noise like wind and restaurant noise. Many are now rechargeable, so no fiddling with batteries, and they even connect to smartphones for streaming calls and music.

How these individual types work differs and the right one for you will depend on your unique hearing needs, but they all have the same purpose: to enhance hearing and speech comprehension for those with hearing loss.

They do this by receiving sound through a microphone, processing it through a chip, amplifying the sound and then playing it directly into the ear via a speaker. The technology behind this process is complex but incredibly fast, allowing individuals to hear improved sound instantly.

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