Changing A Hearing Aid Battery

In this video we show you how easy it is to change the battery in your Hearing Aids. 








Changing A Cerustop
Wax Guard on a RIC
Hearing Aid

Changing your wax guard when needed is an important part of your hearing aid maintenance schedule. In this video we show you how easy it actually is to do. 




Changing a Cerustop Wax
Guard on a Custom
Hearing Aid

In this video we show you how to change the wax guard on your custom in the ear hearing aid. It is a simple and easy process and again an important part of making sure your hearing aid continues to deliver better hearing for you.

Hearing tests

Hearing Tests in Kent, South London & South Essex

Looking For A Hearing
Test in Kent

We deliver in-depth hearing tests, because that is the best foundation for
your better hearing solution. We even deliver those tests at your home, 
so if you are looking for a hearing test in South London, South Essex
or the Kent area, simply contact us on 0800 028 6763
and we will do the rest


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