What our Patients say about us

Our business has been built on the word of mouth of our happy Patients so we understand that offering the best outcomes for them, delivers the best outcomes for us. It is something that we will never forget. Here are some of the things that our Patients say about us, including a poem that was dedicated to us. We were particularly touched that one of our Patients would spend time and energy to do so. 

  • Regain hearing aids have made my life bliss.
  •  Here are a few things on my endless list.
  • I now hear clocks ticking an birds singing,
  • I can even hear my mobile ringing,
  • Washing machines & tumble dryers rumble,
  • Surprisingly, People no longer mumble,
  • I can hear the tele turned down low,
  • And the fan in the car, even on slow.
  • It's great to hear one to one convos, even in crowds,
  • Better than sitting not understanding with head in the clouds.
  • I can even make sense of what I play on the keyboard
  • Improvement than people asking ' what was that tune called '
  • Regain hearing has given me back my life,
  • And all after care is included in the price.
  • Specialists told me that for my tinnitis there was nothing they could do.
  • Regain hearing has proved to me, the specialists didn't have a clue.
  • So thank you so much Lindsay and Lee
  • For giving my hearing back to me.

By Jill V. Weightman

I am writing to tell you how happy I am with my new hearing aids purchased in February this year. Mr Scott (the hearing specialist) was so helpful and guided me through the whole process very professionally. Please pass on my gratitude to him as I can now hear my son (who is notoriously quiet speaking!) even when I’m in the car. I was really worried before I got them but I now wonder what I was fussing about!

Mrs J Butler, Tunbridge Wells

Dear Miss Stride, Thank you for all you effort helping me with my hearing aids. I understand how my situation was probably a bit of a challenge for you, but you don’t know how much it has helped me over the past 4 months. As you know these are my 4th set of hearing aids so I wasn’t expecting too much of them – I thought they’d be a marginal improvement at best as my old ones just needed replacing after 5 years. I’d confined myself to thinking that I’d never be able to hear my wife in restaurants anymore, but we’ve been almost every week since you last came and I can honestly say I am a changed man now I have clear hearing again. I can even hear people on the other tables! My wife encouraged me to write this and wanted me to let you know how much easier it has made her life!..

Mr Hodges, Bexleyheath

Regain Hearing's audiologists are very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Lindsay explained each process and procedure in detail and constantly checked that my daughter was comfortable. The service we were given was fantastic. I was very relieved to find out that my daughter's problems with her ears was temporary. She received a thorough check - much, much, much more thorough than at the G.P. Surgery. A great service, I will be changing my service provider for hearing checks to Regain!

T.W. - Eltham

Wow! What a difference! It's incredible - I can hear again! What a huge difference. The service I was given was fabulous. I got a quick appointment and was seen on time. Lots of information given and it was a quick procedure with a follow up plan provided by my audiologist

C.B - Blackheath

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