Hearing Aid Repairs in South London, South Essex, Kent

Sometimes Repairing A Hearing Aid is Simple

Repairing Your Hearing Aid

Hearing aids have become ever more versatile and reliable, but unfortunately, sometimes they need repair. We offer an all makes hearing aid repair service at Regain Hearing.  

Sometimes a hearing aid repair is simple and can be done on-site. Sometimes it is not a simple fix though and it will need to go to the manufacturer.

If we can't repair it on-site, we will handle dealing with the manufacturer for you. If your hearing aid is not covered by the manufacturer warranty, our repair prices are reasonable. 

Either way, we will let you know exactly what is going on and exactly what the cost will be if there is one. 

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid ExplodedAge and use will take their toll on even the best hearing aids unfortunately. Sometimes they will need the loving care of the manufacturer to restore them to their former glory. We can tell you if that is the case and we can handle all of the process for you. However, before you even come to see us, there are some common issues you can check first.

Hearing Aid Repair Checklist

Depending on the issue you’re having, you may be able to sort out your hearing aid on your own. Here are a few common hearing aid fixes you can try at home:

  • Replace the battery
  • Remove and reinsert your hearing aid
  • Clean your hearing aid
  • Replace the wax filter
  • Open and close the battery compartment

If you are still having trouble with your hearing aid after going through the checklist,  call us at 0800 028 6763 to schedule an appointment and discuss your hearing aid repair options.

How Much Do Hearing Aid Repairs Cost?

Hearing aid repair costs can vary depending on several factors:
(1) Whether or not the hearing aid is still under warranty,
(2) The extent of damage to the hearing aid.
(3) The cost of replacement parts for your hearing aid.

If you purchased your hearing aid from us and it is still under warranty, your hearing aid repair costs will probably be free, but it depends on the circumstance and type of damage. Out of warranty or older hearing aids that require substantial repair may cost more. Cracked cases on custom molded devices can be expensive to replace, but in some circumstances, these cracks can be repaired. The prices really do vary in relation to the damage.

When Your Hearing Aid is Beyond Repair

Like other electronic devices, a hearing aid can sometimes go to the electronic graveyard. In cases like this, it’s usually better financially and for peace of mind to replace the hearing aid with a new model. While it takes an expert to properly diagnose a damaged hearing aid, you can begin to assume your hearing aid is beyond repair if:

  • Your hearing aid is five or more years old
  • Hearing aids have a life expectancy of five to seven years. If you’ve hit that period and are experiencing problems, it may be time to retire your technology.
  • The damage is visible—and looks extensive
  • If your hearing aid has been stepped on, smashed, or damaged in a way that seems un-fixable, it probably is..
  • Your hearing aid has been repaired several times in the past
  • A history of repair means a history of breakage—and history has a habit of repeating. While a new hearing aid may cost more up front, it can more than balance out the cost and annoyance of regular repair.

At Regain Hearing we can can repair or at the least diagnose the problem with all makes and models of hearing aids. If you are having trouble with your hearing aids, we’d be more than happy to help you get your devices back in working order. Call us at 0800 028 6763 or stop by one our Practice to schedule an appointment and find out what options are available to fix your broken hearing aid.

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